Don’t Starve: A Dreadfully Beautiful Game

There are many indie games that spark the interest of true survival. But no game truly represents that feeling, except Don’t Starve.

Don’t Starve is a Game created by Klei Entertainment. A Gritty Survival game that truly pushes you to the absolute brink of happiness, anger, sadness and anxiety at some times within the game itself, regardless the game is addictive and has so much replay value, each world you drop in is different from the next and always holds new challenges for you to survive in this dark world.

The Story, Wilson!

Don’t Starve has a somewhat interesting story that revolves around the first character you play, Wilson. A brilliant Scientist who was down on his luck with his creativity. But at his lowest, a Voice spoke to him from a radio, giving him the Information needed to create a invention that would rival anything Wilson could do alone. As he created this Machine, he flipped the switch, evil laughter erupted from the radio as it was Maxwell, the Villain of this tale. Dark menacing hands erupted from the ground, as they took Wilson into another world.

The Story is sadly forgettable and it only branches off on it if you could actually go deeper into the game and find a certain item hidden within the world to further the story. Which I will explain in the “Gameplay” section Hence why it’s not that important. But it’s still an interesting tale if you can find the lore around it.

Sad Gameplay, Isn’t it Abigail?

The Gameplay of Dont Starve is it’s bread and butter, the game is a Heavy Sandbox Survival That really takes the ideal of survival to the Maximum. There’s plenty of ways to die in this game, Getting Eaten by Spiders, Killed By Pig Men, Going Insane And Fighting Shadow demons, or just Starving to Death. Many would compare this to A Darker version of Minecraft, which I can actually agree with in the Crafting, And survival sections.

Your Health is essentially like any other game, it reaches 0, and you’re dead. Your hunger is of course related to how much you’ve eaten, and 0 hunger means you’re going to stave, and you shouldn’t starve, hence the name “Don’t Starve”. Another aspect that makes it different is the Sanity meter, which represents your mental state. The further it goes down, the further you delve into utter madness. This can benefit you in some aspects but also end your life immediately. But the gameplay doesn’t end there. It also has Adventure Mode.

This mode is essentially the main plot point of the game. In order to access this game mode, you have to search the Area and find Maxwells door. The item Wilson created that threw him into this world, finding this can lead you to adventure mode. A game mode out of the main survival, which puts you into 5 different game chapters that lead you though different seasons such as Spring, Winter, Summer and Fall. I will not spoil Adventure more (because admittedly I can’t even beat it!) but it’s a fantastic and gives even more difficulty to the game.

Another Major aspect of the gameplay is the array of characters from the Don’t Starve Universe. Each character in Don’t Starve has a strength, a weakness, or a special ability. Like the Fire-starter Willow. Who is Immune to fire Damage, the Mechanical Menace That is WX-9. Who is a robot who gains more power from eating gears, or the Mundane Wendy, who has a flower that holds the trapped soul of her dead Sister, Abigail. Each character has their own stats, so experiment and find the character that you can really do well with!

The Music! The Art! Maxwell!

One aspect of Don’t Starve that’s so interesting is that there is actually no voices within the game. No character speaks, instead. Musical instruments are used as their voices, Wilson has a Harmonica for his voice, Willow uses a Flute, Wolfgang has a brash Tuba, Wendy has a soft Alto Flute, and many others.

The music is sometimes not there when playing the game. But in certain situations like Combat, Chopping Down Trees, Fighting a Boss. Music plays at certain times, Dusk, Dawn. they have fantastic themes that fit their music type really well and are always a joy to listen to. Even when I’m being murdered by Large Treemen.

The Art Style of Dont Starve is a very “ugly” game. It’s not beautiful in any normal means, but the art style is unique with its hand drawn characters, items, enemies and world. They all have thus rough look towards them. It has a H.P Lovecraft style and aura to it. Making it such a beautifully ugly game.

Don’t Starve, Together!

Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer Spin off of the Original Don’t Starve! This time, you and a good friend can drop into the world of Don’t Starve and fight for survival together! The game also has New Skins, Items, mechanics and much more, with two characters the game is easier but at the same time much harder, But the requirement is you can only play it Multiplayer, so if you don’t have a friend that you can play with. You are stuck with the Original Don’t Starve, I wish they would implement the Skins into the original game.

Shipwrecked and Reign Of Giants

Don’t Starve has Two expansion packs that add on to the original game. Shipwrecked is a Island Survival Add on that throws you into a new world, you can sail the high seas! Fight new enemies such as Monkeys, Snakes, a Crocodile Dog Mix! With a new Shipwrecked world, it’s a new ground for some intense and deadly encounters! It also adds in new characters, biomes, and seasons!

The New characters are all fairy interesting, Walani, Warly, Wilbur, and Woodlegs! It’s a fun and extensive add on that adds in much more fun!

Reign Of Giants

Reign of Giants adds in three New Seasons, Sping? summer and Autumn. Winter was already added within the game, So was Summer. But the season was expanded with new items and a boss. Each season has its own challenges! That includes a Boss! Each boss is unique and brings harrowing challenges!

It alls adds in new characters Wigfrid the Actor and Webber the Spider!

This brings the game to a sort of yearly life, you have to face each season, which rounds about 30 days if you’re lucky, you have to go through and get past in order to continue. There are many more risks, Freezing to Death, Overheating, extreme Wetness, ROG brings so many more deadly challenges to this game.

Each DLC can he accessed by the main menu when creating a new world. So you don’t have to play them if you don’t want to, Obviously there is one last expansion, but I haven’t gotten the chance to play it, Yet.

A Verdict! Maxwell!

Don’t Starve is a Beautifully Grim, Gritty and unforgiving game, but regardless it’s a fun experience and a challenging time. So if you want a game that challenges you to fight, struggle, suffer and survive? Don’t Starve is the game for you!

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Don’t Starve gets a 9.5/10!