Sindel DLC – One step forward, Two steps back.

Stabbed through the heart and Boon’s to blame!

With the Launch of Sindel as DLC for Mortal Kombat 11 hopes were fairly high that Nether Realms were finally getting themselves in order. Sindel had a much more sexually promiscuous looking design and her intros were frequently provacative. This is a sign that Mortal Kombat is bringing sexy back and throwing away their hypocritical prudish behavior. 

Commendable that they would actually do this because as I’ve said in the past, Mortal Kombat is about embracing the taboos. Hyper violent, hyper sexual,  hyper offensive. So it’s a step in the right direction in terms of reclaiming their identity as the premiere shock fighter.

However we’ve yet again hit another prime problem with NRS, their complete disconnect and disregard for established lore. Sindel is merely a symptom of the overall disease that’s been plaguing the new timeline even back at Mortal Kombat 9 in 2011 which, I remind you, started off with a soft reboot of the original timeline and making drastic alterations to it. 

For those of you unaware, Sindel is NOT your typical “Mwahaha” Evil Queen even if she looks the part. She’s actually a benevolent ruler and a tragic unwilling villain turned hero. To give a brief summary of her lore I’ll explain.

Sindel was the Queen of Edenia with her husband Jerrod(an unfortunately cursed name for unrelated reasons) and her daughter Kitana.  When Shao Kahn merged Edenia with Outworld he killed Jerrod and took Sindel as his wife and Kitana as his daughter effectively making her into an Empress. 

Sindel was not happy with this arrangement and took her own life to escape from Shao Kahn. Centuries later her body was placed on Earthrealm and revived by Shang Tsung to assist Kahn in breaking the rules of Mortal Kombat and merging the realms without needing to win 10 Consecutive Tournaments. 

Sindel’s resurrection also came with mind control so that Shao Kahn could conquer Earthrealm with her aid.  Kitana was able to undo the Brainwashing, Shao Kahn was defeated yet again and Edenia was restored with Sindel as it’s rightful ruler.

It’s good to be the Queen

Years later the Dragon King Onaga was revived by the Deadly Alliance(Shang Tsung and Quan Chi) who then killed and brainwashed several other Mortal Kombatants, Kitana included. Sindel along with Jade sought to undo Kitana’s brainwashing. Though it was Liu Kang and Ermac who were successful in doing so we saw a role reversal for Sindel and Kitana. Whereas at first Kitana needed to save her mother and now it’s her mother saving her daughter. 

It’s one of the most classic storylines in Mortal Kombat. Though Sindel looks like Elvira with a Violet Filter and even started off as the typical “Evil Queen” she was NOT evil at all. It was a subversion of that trope that gave Sindel a ton of personality through natural storytelling.

She was tragic, she was a ruler, she was a hero. 

What a monster, hugging her daughter while crying tears of joy that she’s safe. Despicable!

And NRS saw that backstory and went “well she looks bad so she must BE bad!” and I wish I was making that up. 

In an episode of Kombat Kast #17, at precisely 11:20, they begin talking about Sindel and reveal SPOILERS she was bad the entire time and everything else was a lie!

To quote them:

“Sindel is every bit as evil as Shao Kahn”

I love how he has this thousand mile stare, like even he doesn’t believe this.

This is…this is embarrassing. They take a tragic character with an interesting dynamic and completely flip it on it’s head and say that they are going to be exploring Sindel as pure evil. 

Now…call me crazy here…but I think the Evil Queen trope has been explored several times by other franchises, by other characters, and are done way better than retconning a popular benevolent character to be evil. 

This sounds like someone’s awful fanfiction doesn’t it? In the original timeline Sindel killed herself to get away from the man who murdered her husband and abused her people. But now they’re a “Power Couple”. 

Barring the stupidity of making an abuse victim a power couple with their abuser, ala people who think Joker and Harley Quinn are #RelationshipGoals, this is just insulting to the fans of the character and the franchise. 

I’m never one to call for the firing of an entire writing team but if you can’t even get the characters right then you simply shouldn’t be writing them. It’s like that time Wonder Woman was written to not understand how to pump gasoline into a car despite a previous arc making her an ambassador from Themyscira and previously drove an invisible jet. 

Somebody at NRS with some sense, please take over writing duty. I can’t even pay NRS a compliment without them doing something else majorly wrong. The worst part about Sindel being totally evil now is how easy it would’ve been to fix. 

Sindel isn’t evil and still has her sexy designs. Done. 

I would’ve have loved for this article to have been “Sindel is back and better than ever” because her voice actress is fantastic, her moveset is pretty decent, her designs actually fit the character, and everything about her is just proof that the writers don’t care about the story but someone there does.

And NRS fans can fight all they like. It’s the truth and the sooner you all stop salivating at everything NRS does the sooner we can actually get Mortal Kombat back to where it needs to be. 

Because until then this is just pure hair-essy.

(Joke stolen from my girlfriend)