Fortnite YouTuber Zarby Terminated for Promoting Account selling Website

It turns out if you play stupid games, you eventually win very stupid prizes.

Fortnite YouTuber Zarby was given 3 or more consecutive copyright strikes from Epic Games. The creators of the most popular game of 2019: Fortnite, why was he terminated? He promoted a website that sells hacked Fortnite accounts. Which obviously is frowned upon by Epic. They had every right to ban him, but termination of his YouTube channel could be debated.

He tweeted out November 23rd on the Situation

The issue persisting from this is the fact he knew that this was wrong and was a violation of Epics’s TOS, But did not care and decided to take the money for the promotion and continue to promote their website anyway. He has been given a week until his termination. We can only expect this is going to hinder some people to promote any more websites.