Manga Spotlight: Department of Corporate Slave Rabbits

When having a day off can literally kill you.

Have you ever had a terrible job? One that constantly drains you of all your energy and leaves you feeling like a piece of you was taken purely by showing up there? Well then you have something in common with Shinjirou, a salaryman for a Japanese black company (essentially a legal sweatshop with cubicles). His life kind of sucks, and all he really wants is to enjoy what little relax time he has at home when he isn’t slaving at work. Yeah no, we all know where this is going right? In a peculiar chain of events, a small rabbit eared girl crashes through his patio window and introduces herself as the 2nd main character of the manga: Fuwami.

Nice guns. 10/10

Fuwami is a Moon Rabbit, an alien who lives in the core of the moon and does nothing all day except work and make mochi. A comedic twist on the actual Japanese legend of “Tsuki no Usagi.” Fuwami appears because unfortunately for her, she was fired from her job making mochi on the moon and needs a place to stay. Since Shinjirou is the only one around he takes it upon himself to tell her to get the hell out of his house, but unfortunately for him this is a manga so of course that doesn’t happen. Fuwami’s odd biology requires her to work nearly all hours of the day or her body will actually start to deteriorate and she will die. Since Shinjirou doesn’t want an alien rabbit to melt all over his carpet he relents and allows her to be a live-in maid in his house. The issue though, is that Fuwami has never actually done any work besides making mochi on the moon, and has to constantly try and figure out things to do or she’ll die. Often the way she does this is in an over the top manner that 9/10 times fails, to the distress of Shinjirou. And seeing how she is used to being a borderline slave with a zealotry for labor, when she fails she will often have a mental breakdown that will typically involve her trying to commit sepuku or hang herself in shame.

If you haven’t caught on, the idea of this manga is that you shouldn’t overwork yourself because if you do you’ll be as miserable as Shinjirou, or as crazy as Fuwami. Also that mochi is delicious and you should go have some at your earliest convenience.

It’s fun to just see a cute chibi rabbit exclaim how wonderful it is to work 23 hours a day, and live in working conditions where all you’re fed is tree bark and you’re force to sleep standing up. Moon rabbits live in a Logan’s Run type environment where if they get too old they are forced to go on vacation and die from the lack of work. This little rabbit lives in a society that’s essentially Giga-Communism and shows sadness at being fired from it. Which frankly, makes Shinjirou’s life seem almost desirable by comparison.

Yes comrade Rabbit, you serve your Moon well.

Now at this point I should try and sell you on why you should read this manga. Simple answer for a simple question, it’s funny. I genuinely enjoyed the humor in this manga a lot. The characters are funny, the situations they find themselves in are entertaining, and aside from the slave-like attitude Fuwami has the dark humor is at a decent level. What other criticism matters more for a purely comedic manga than “It’s funny” does? But seeing as how everyone has a different sense of humor, I recommend you give it a read and find out for yourself. The manga has about 45+ chapters and has stayed very consistent through them. If you just want something fun to read then this is the manga for you.

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