Kotaku starts asking questions, 5 years too late.

Who’s gonna tell em?

I’m sure certain people are in on the joke, but Kotaku sure isn’t. Following the recent announcements of the nominees for “Game of the Year” at the Game Awards, people have started questioning the legitimacy of one of the candidates: Death Stranding. The questioning has been brought up due to the known fact that Game Awards host Geoff Keighley is friends with Hideo Kojima, creator of the game. With people on Twitter, ResetEra and of course Kotaku itself questioning the legitimacy of this nomination one would think this sounds in some way familiar to something that occurred years ago. Because that’s what this article is about, not the actual legitimacy of these claims against the Game Awards but the irony surrounding the questioning.

Kotaku’s article in question.

If you haven’t caught on to what I’m referencing, don’t worry too much about it, it’s not important anymore (Not to anyone important anyway) and you’d be better off not bringing it up in 2019. But let’s just say that 5 or so years ago, there was an instance where a game developer, who won’t be named, had some rather shady connections to a writer for Kotaku and used that connection to have her game receive publicity allegedly. This was a big event online at the time and caused a lot of vitriol and toxicity that in some ways affects gaming today. So why bring this up at all? Simple, it’s funny. That games journalists would now start questioning the Game Awards about the legitimacy of one of their nominees, reminiscent of what gamers did in the past to the unnamed game developer five years ago, is in some ways annoying but in other ways cathartic.

See here’s the thing, this isn’t a gotcha (not intentionally), it’s more of a “finally.” Finally, game journalists have some small semblance of critical thinking skills and are willing to question the legitimacy of something that doesn’t seem right. I’m glad this is happening, it’s just that we’re well past it meaning anything. Trust in journalism in general is at an all time low, and games journalism is no exception. Kotaku and other publications don’t have the level of good will they have with people they had before. People have had enough already. You can only shut down criticism and bash your audience so much before they just don’t care anymore what you say. It’s over.

Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley at the Game Awards

Now don’t take my nihilistic writing as me saying things can’t get better, they absolutely can. But the point I’m trying to make here is that Kotaku and other games journalists don’t deserve praise for getting something right one time when they got it wrong the first time. But hey, at least we’re getting somewhere now, all it took was half a decade. Is Kotaku finally becoming self-aware? Do you think Death Stranding deserves a “Game of the Year” nomination? Do you think I’m a massive chode for bringing “that” up in 2019? Let us know in the comments.