Korean Overwatch Player Banned for “Transphobic” Insults to Fellow Twitch user.

A Disclaimer.

I am not condoning any harassment towards those within this article. This was made to give criticism and nothing more.

Korean Twitch Streamer OGE_ow was banned for a “Transphobic” comment towards another twitch Streamer, and it seems that Twitch’s ignorance and foolishness have lead to another false banning. The story is not as black and white as it seems, and the person who used Twitch’s guidelines to abuse is just as in fault as Twitch.

In a Steam, another Twitch Steamer named Flocculency had joined his game, Flocculency is a Trans streamer, and OGE said to her and I Quote “Okay Man”, But it was not said with malicious intent. Many gamers say “Okay Dude” or “Okay Man” when they’re gaming, not to associate with someone’s gender but just to say “okay” or “alright” in a non-aggressive tone when talking with friends, reading chat messages, or other things. OGE seemingly had no intention to harm Flocculency and their feelings, but seemingly that did not happen.

Flocculency reported OGE for Hate speech and someone on his Stream found out. OGE was informed and many of his Watchers asked who reported him. He supposedly linked the Account of Flocculency, and she was allegedly harassed by OGE and his followers. OGE deleted the VoD to attempt to put this behind him and simply continue to stream without any issue.

Flocculency Launched this tweet out soon after, attempting to brigade harassment and labeling OGE has a Transphobe

This lead to much Hate and harassment towards OGE who simply did not understand what was going on. And did not expect such vile and evil comments. Flocculency Weaponized Their fan base to attack someone who obviously said “Okay man” as a simple comments and not words of hate or evil. Ironically enough, Flocculency claimed He was deleting evidence, but deleted their own VoD as well.

OGE went on to stream an apology and stated he doesn’t want to steam anymore due to the drama and harassment he has been receiving. He stated he privately messaged Flocculency. But he never stated what transpired within those messages.

Others know Flocculency as the same person who Used a similar tactic towards another Streamer who goes by the name xQc. xQc is a Canadian Streamer who was also targeted by Flocculency, who claimed on twitter that xQx forced them to use Voice chat to see if they were a quote on Quote “Trap”. But that isn’t what happened, xQc called her “mercy” (since she was playing as mercy. They replied hello and he Stated “Nevermind”. Which Flocculency for some reason thought that xQc wanted them to voice to see if they were a trap.

Here is the Clip of Flocculency’s claim of invitation but it is easily dismissed by his. In which he explained that he was going to say.

“You play beautifully” he wanted to say since they were not going well in their game, But heard their feminine voice and decided against it.

Here is the Clip of the Context of what he meant within that, Flocculency has had their share of using their Transgender Identity to falsely accuse those of being transphobic.

Both steamers have had issues with this specific person and it seems their false accusations will continue until something is done.