Anita Sarkeesian apparently “saved the gaming industry”

  There is nothing like a dumb statement from a check mark on Twitter to start the day. We know it isn’t the first time something dumb has ultimately been said about the industry. I think this one drastically takes the cake. If you aren’t new to Twitter and remember Anita Sarkeesian, you might know her as the girl from “Feminist Frequency”, or recent drama about “The Mandalorian”. This big brain Twitter check mark finally gave us a golden quote which I will gladly laugh at for the next 2 days. 

main point of the article is no one should support someone like Anita Sarkeesian and that it was a chuckle from Shaun but ultimately dumb this tweet is bait don’t fall for it please.

  Shaun is one of those lefty tubers who makes okay content and Twitter takes (sometimes), but ultimately is a good soul and does his part. I will finally say it at the top of my lungs that Anita Sarkeesian didn’t save the gaming industry. She divided it into two sectors: Everyone who is offended, and people who aren’t offended. The people who aren’t offended are the bigger bunch making the smaller sector “everyone who is offended” very small and pointless, and it never gets anything done. She divided gamers and tore them apart, people who support Anita Sarkeesian and are gamers ultimately say dumb things like “all gamers are racist” and “all gamers are incels”. 

  My mind is boggled that anyone would support someone like Anita Sarkeesian, given her track record of ruining the games industry and dividing gamers. In 2009, Anita Sarkeesian started “Feminist Frequency” whose job was to examine pop culture from a feminist perspective. Her channel eventually turned into some weird reality show about stupid topics no one cared about like, “Not Your Exotic Fantasy – Tropes vs. Women in Video Games”. Her hot takes like that on Youtube were met with fast criticism and ultimately dislike ratioed, so she’s very far from “saving the gaming industry”. If anything, like I mentioned before: She’s a burden to it. She keeps causing damage to an industry that doesn’t have the issues she mentioned. And just like comedy, gaming is entertainment and trying to censor creative freedom is never good.

  Hopefully, Anita Sarkeesian learns from the constant dunking of all her constant dumb takes. Maybe she’ll ultimately decide to live a better life, and not one of a reactionary feminist.

  Disclaimer: Please do not harass this individual. Below are some of the dumb tweets she has made that have sparked controversy.