The Doughboy of Shame: Anti-Anitwitter Hypocrisy

Important Note: This is not intended to be some sort of smear piece. This is news and people should be made aware of it.  

Online there will often be people who rail against certain things. They are on a literal crusade to wipe either a certain type of content, or certain ideas from the internet. They name and shame anyone who goes against them. Twitter user “The Pillsbury Dipshit” is one of those people. They’ve gone by many accounts over the years and one thing they absolutely despised was anime and hentai. They would drag users over posting it and they would complain about certain games such as Senran Kagura remaining uncensored. 

Another thing that has to be noted about people like this is that they often have skeletons in their closet. A prominent example is prominent male feminists be accused of sexual misconduct. The Pillsbury Dipshit is no exception. It turns out that all this time they were on a campaign against Hentai and anime, particularly anime featuring underaged characters, they were into underaged individuals themselves

In recently surfaced screenshots The Pillsbury Dipshit can be seen sending unsolicited images to a person of unknown gender between the ages of 16 and 18. It was also revealed that Pillsbury Dipshit would post on Tumblr a lot. They posted a lot of images featuring underaged anime characters. All this despite their crusade against what they called “underaged sexualization” which they even went so far as to create images of anime girls holding signs against it.

The screenshots have been verified and they appear to be genuine. It’s troubling that a user who supposedly was against a certain thing would also be into that thing. It makes one wonder who can be trusted and who else could be hiding things.


The Pillsbury Dipshit’s old accounts have been linked to him and the screenshot of the conversation presented above, confirmed. Old archives of his previous accounts were found along with an alt account confirm his connection. The behavior from the Pillsbury Dipshit account after the release of this article have been illuminating. Frantic calls for it to be taken down and calling the evidence presented slanderous and false. Now that we know the accuracy of the claims it can be certain that these calls were attempts to protect his own image from the consequences of his actions.


After only five hours of this article being up, it appears that The Pillbury Dipshit’s Twitter account has been suspended! Also, he’s known to have multiple alt accounts so he will be back. Be wary.

Some Alts of his recently found: