JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, the best JoJo fighting game.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Heritage for the Future is one of the best JoJo fighting games ever put out on the arcade scene in my opinion. The game itself is a great game for learning more about some of the best late 90s to 2000s style of fighting games and people who just are starting out on fighting games. HFTF has me hooked on it for awhile now, and I think it’s just time to put up my review for it. Is it overrated? Perhaps maybe some things that make it less fun? Well let’s find out in my review of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Heritage for the Future.

Firstly, the story. It’s not really that good actually, it’s just Stardust Crusaders with a lot of things cut from it. It’s like how you really never face Hol Horse but you play as him. I got to admit though it does have some good alternative endings. Such as the ending where Kakyoin kills Dio, but he dies of a wound (of course on a plane as well). Overall the story is just Stardust Crusaders with lla bit less story, but with some good alternative endings.

Secondly, let’s talk about the real good reason HFTF is one of the many best, the gameplay. Capcom made this game so you can expect already a pretty good start; some good ass characters like Dio, Jotaro, Kakyoin, and Hol Horse are really fun to play with. Capcom really tried to make all the characters fun as possible, even the worst one; you can play with any character you like and try to main them how much you like. Even if they aren’t great characters at all, it’s still fun to try their own combos. Speaking of combos, the combos in this game are very satisfying to pull of. Especially Dio’s, but sometimes they are really hard to pull off, like The World and Road Roller Da combo. In this game, to get the combos right, you have to exact with timing and precision, with those two things and possibly some hope that your enemy is not Dark Polornaff, you can pull off amazing combos.

The main core mechanic in HFTF is the stands: passive, weapon, and active stands; each have a unique style to it and some can so deadly that sometimes they are banned in some tournaments. The active stand is the most common one to go up against, it’s the stands like Star Platinum, Hierophant Green, Sliver Chariot, and The World. Active stands have their own health meter, so when you block the stand takes damage instead of you, which is a great life saver in many ways. Active stands also change combos when you have them on, it’s good in mid combos if you messed up a bit and need to do something else. Active stands have a big weakness, and that weakness is that if you still use the stand to attack, the stand can get hit and you and the stand can get damaged, too much damage to your stand and you will suffer a “Stand Crash” which will stun you for awhile. Last thing about active stands is that you can do something called a “ Tandem Attack” which is used for several combos; a tandem attack is where you can tell your stand to attack then while you can move, and either attack them or get into a safe place.

Passive stands (or remote stands) are stands without a stand meter and are used in many normal combos, these stands include: The Emperor and The Hanged Man, Horus, Yellow Temprence, and the shadow version of The World. These stands never can be turned on, instead you just activate the stand power, these are used in a lot of combos and can turn the tide of battle if you can use it correctly. Some passive stands like The Emperor and The Hanged Man can’t be harmed, so you don’t have to worry about your combos failing and then having some damage done to you. Passive stands can’t ever be stand crashed, so if the same scenario happens and you failed a combo and get a lot of damage done to you, you do not have to worry as much.

Last stand here is the weapon stand, very similar to the active stand with a stand meter and other things like it can be stand crashed, the only differences are that it has more combos when turned on, you can doge with it on, and you can do something like a Tandem Attack called a “Custom Combo.” Custom combos are combos that you rush in on your opponent, and start attacking him with a rush of attacks from your choosing. Custom combos are good for the ends of combos to try and get another one inside to finish the job.
The Stands’, the main mechanic of the game, mechanics are really fun on top of that. There’s a lot of great Stands, but there are some that either aren’t worth it or just completely broken. There’s a lot of neat maneuvers in it too such as bunny hopping, clashing, and guard canceling.
Overall, JoJo Heritage for the Future is one of my favorites in the fighting game genre, problems like underpowered/overpowered stand users are usually a pretty big deal. Overall playing with the game, though, the it’s still really fun. I’ll give HFTF a 8/10, I would give it a nine, but there are other fighting games that are better overall.