The Jack Frost Hour:More Pokemon and The Arguments We See Every Day

“Gamers are not your audience” said the extremely online person playing the newest Pokemon game.

I see this almost every day at this point. Why are people so willing to eat shit and act smug about the highest grossing franchise on Earth selling gangbusters. Literally, this franchise makes more money than most island nations yearly and is more recognizable then any religious or political figure combined.

I’m about sick of the goldrush of clout chasing gaggle of moral superiority freaks spouting unintelligent dribble. Hundreds of living breathing people deciding in unison that crisism of any sort from groups of people they don’t like are illegitimate daily, all for the rush of their own groups admiration.

Yes, cutting the Dex was never going to hurt the financials of Game Freak. Please enjoy your clout for speaking out against a relatively small minority of people who where vocal about it. I’m sure your Nazi fighting grandpa is really proud of you.

When you start screaming about how you want to change the design of a female character in the next whatever game that gets announced and you forget your piss spiel about how developers should never listen to their audience I just want you to remember how much of disingenuous fuckbag you are.