Redo Of Healer could Spark Controversial Debut

Controversial Revenge Manga Redo Of Healer, could spark a plethora of negative reviews for its portrayal of sexual assault and abuse.

Redo of Healer tells the story of a Healer abused and assaulted by his party, the Healer then gained the ability to reset time back four years, and take his revenge on those who wronged him. The anime adaptation is confirmed and will most likely be highly scrutinized by many, the same way Rise of the Shield Hero was as well with its depiction of Slavery, or how Goblin Slayer was with a certain scene from the first episode.

The controversy that sparked Shield Hero was ridiculous and simply made the anime more popular. Many normally functioning human beings will understand that fiction and reality are two separate forms of life and art themselves. There are others who disagree, but they’re the type of people to hate you for having an alternative opinion for something very minuscule.

We can only await its anime debut and I’m calling it right now, it will get even more woke negative reviews than Shield Hero or Goblin Slayer ever did. As long as the Warriors of Social Justice have a platform to spew hatred for different opinions, this will always continue.