Google Stadia: 24 Hours after its Terrible Launch

Google Stadia was released yesterday, and it’s safe to say the reviews have not been… Good. What happened? What could have caused this absolutely negative storm of bad reviews from multiple outlets? The answer is much more simple than you’d expect, Stadia is a Buggy Lag filled Mess with games you’ve probably already played.

The Graphics have been greatly downgraded, Especially with games that need good detail like Red Dead Redemption II And The Elder Scrolls Online, Tomb Raider, SAMURAI SHODOWN. The amount of games that you have already played with better graphics. The input lag is even worse, tapping the button and your character makes the action 4-5 seconds after the bottom has been pressed. Making multiplayer or any mode in any game Absolutely unplayable. The game being streamed is a slow as a snail in the winter.

The Game library consists of around 22 games since they increased the Game library. Most of the games are as I’ve said before, games you’ve most likely played before. What makes it even more ridiculous is the prices that come with the games themselves plus the Broken Stadia. $129 Dollars for a Service That doesn’t even work. But it pales in comparison to what those who ordered the founders edition

The Founders edition promised those who bought it first chances at playing the Stadia, And a unique username, and they still have not been given their codes or their Usernames. Anyone who was unfortunate enough to spend 129 dollars on this broken at launch service most likely isn’t happy with their purchase. Google has Yet to respond to the massive dissatisfaction of their customers and it seems they do not plan to, they’ve turned to discord, rather than releasing an official statement as of yet. We can only hope that People are given a Refund or Google Works their hardest to Fix this ridiculous Situation