The Most Wonderful Games of the Year: #VideoGameAwards

It’s the Video Game Awards baby.

Get ready, it’s time for social media to explode into arguments over whose favorite game should win “______ of the year.” Today the official VGA twitter page released the nominees for this years VGA categories.

There were games you’d expect, and some shocking absentees for some categories. But overall the 2019 VGA’s is shaping up to be quite the show. Coming off of the Golden Joystick awards, gamers everywhere are hyping up for the most recognized gaming award show of the year, and emotions are incredibly high. Did your favorite game get the “Game of the Year” nomination? Let’s find out now! (Mine didn’t.)

I’ll be honest, the fact that Devil May Cry V isn’t on this list hurts me on an incredibly deep and personal level that I will not get over anytime soon. Moving on, these are the “Game of the Year” nominees that you’ll get the chance to vote on. But aside from that is a slew of other categories to go through that your favorite games might have made the cut for. Some of the most talked about categories on twitter include the “Best Performance” category, which has 2 actual Hollywood actors in it this year in the form of Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen for their appearances in Death Stranding. Another would be “Best eSports game,” which has some rather contentious debate on Twitter. But aside from the actual awards, the big question for many is what games will be shown off or announced this year? Because while it may be an award show, the VGA’s are also known for showing off new titles, or new gameplay for upcoming titles. Nominee for “Game of the Year,” Death Stranding actually had it’s world premiere trailer debut at the 2017 VGA’s.

World Premiere: VGA 2017

Other notable games shown at the VGA’s include The Outer Worlds, another “Game of the Year” nominee. Mortal Kombat 11, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Soul Calibur VI, Bayonetta 3, and plenty of other amazing games have been either announced or shown first gameplay at the VGA’s. Also No Man’s Sky. This is the last video game centered show of the year to show what we can expect coming 2020, and that’s exciting. And even if there’s no new announcements, there’s sure to be gameplay. Speculation for games being shown include DOOM: Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, Halo: Infinite, Elden Ring and many others. But seeing as it’s the holiday season, let’s just wait and be surprised. I might even finally get the Dragon’s Dogma 2 announcement I’ve been wanting for the last 6 years (I won’t though).

If you want the full list of nominees follow the video above to check out the Dorito Pope himself Geoff Keighley go through this years lineup. Follow him at @GeoffKeighley on Twitter for updates as well as @TheGameAwards. And also be sure to follow us at EscapeZero over the coming weeks for possible VGA announcements/rumors and for other gaming/anime news. Did your favs make the cut? Let us know in the comments.