Jack Frost Hour: Pokemon Personal and Pokemon Problems

The cool new thing to do at the moment is to attack or protect the newest mainline Pokemon games. Now I, Jackswell Frost (@JackswellFrost on Twitter please follow me) am not one to pick sides in hot button subject so easily. Sure we can argue about framerates till the cows all die of pestilence, but I am well above that.

Instead I’m going to bitch about how my favorite Pokemon was cut and how they replaced him a stupid looking fish (yes I am popular with the ladies).

Piplup is a blue, penguin Pokémon who I love and cherish with all my heart. As much as a pleb this will make me sound, my first real Pokemon game was Diamond. Not that I was a child when Diamond came out, it’s just that I bought it from a used game shop well into my teens for about $10. I don’t remember where the game took place or how the story was, I just remember the Piplup and his evolutions where my favorite thing about the game.

Now that Sword and Shield and the cutting of most of the pre established Pokemon being cut, Piplup was one of the many that where given the memory hole treatment for no real reason whatsoever. With the cut, you would expect that Game Freak would only choose the Mons who stood out from the 800 whatever mons. A real best of album, but for Pokemon. That’s a good idea, right?

Meet Basculin. He’s a green fish. Most likely your favorite Mon didn’t make the cut because of him.

And that’s why I won’t buy the new Pokemon game.