Never Losing Your Way: Kill la Kill Review

An Absolute Gem from Studio Tigger arrived in 2014. Known simply as KILL LA KILL, a almost cult classic in 2014-15 anime that has a strong fan base and it’s own video game produced not long ago. Kill La Kill hits chords that really makes it an unforgettable experience.

The Story La Story

Ryuko Matoi, is a Vagrant school punk who’s in search of the person who killed her father. Her journey leads her to Honnoji Academy, a school under the Rule of the Elite Four, four students that Dawn Three Star Goku Uniforms, spanning from One Star, the weakest, to Three being he strongest, and leading the school with a click of her heel. Satuski Kiryuin.

The main focuses of the story revolves around Ryuko and her journey to find the person who killed her father and the relationship she builds with a sentient sailor uniform that transforms into a Revealing battle suit. Senketsu and his relationship with Ryuko heads to the front of the story, their differences at first puts them apart in the first half of the show, and eventually it leads them down the same paths after episode 13 to 24. The brute sub plot of Kill La Kill could be effortlessly Underlooked.

Ryuko And Satsuki’s transformations pertain to revealing their bodies which increases their power, but in reality it’s not a show of sexism or misogyny. In reality Ryuko was embarrassed by the showing of her body at the beginning episodes of Kill la Kill, eventually it began to lessen and her strength increase. This can be easily thrown as “Fan Service” but in reality it’s one of the Major Points of Kill la Kill. The Skampy Clothing is the embodiment of Our social beliefs, that you don’t need to conform to social class or clothing to be strong. Rather user Fan Service as a simple Cop out, Kill la Kill uses fan. Service as literally a Weapon. To quote Satuski Kiryuin

“Humans are not meant to serve clothing!”

We should not be labeled by what we dress or wear, but who we are as people. And that to me is truly not losing your way. To now fold to social standards and ideals and to do what you wish to do with your life, it’s an amazing story if you truly look into what the characters are saying. Especially Mako, Who is the living embodiment of Comic Releif.

Art La Art

This is an Excerpt from a Fellow Creator on this Site.

The first thing I’d like to talk about in terms of art, is how the show plays with silhouettes. A lot of anime gets real lazy with this. All of their characters are fairly realistically proportioned, and often times even dress the same. So the artists will just give them a jagged haircut with a random number of spikes and call it a day. Not kill la Kill.

Trigger went to a lot of effort to make every character really stand out. From size and shape, to various trinkets and articles of clothing. Something as simple as the way they wear their clothing can go a long way. Even though a fair number of them are wearing similar uniforms, even those are customized in a particular way to reflect the character’s personality. Not only that, but the way they stand and carry themselves is completely unique. So even characters that might otherwise look similar after turning them into silhouettes, can be easily identified at a glance.

This series also displays that you really don’t need the crazy haircuts to make the distinction. Even the fairly normal hairstyles seen here look completely different in silhouette form. And even though the two characters above are wearing fairly similar outfits, the small touches like style and accessories make a noticable difference.

One interesting thing the show does, is use really drab backgrounds. Yeah that sounds dumb, doesn’t it? Thing is, they’re used with a purpose here. Even the uniforms are basic things like white and black. So when the colorful characters come in, they really stand out. Each one has their own unique pallet. The backgrounds and environments aren’t bad, not by any stretch. There’s a very clear point to the design. It’s meant to look depressing and drained of life. So when our heroes come in, you can practically root for a color.

Kill la Kill embraces the fact that it’s animated in a way that unfortunately a lot of anime doesn’t. It experiments with size and proportion, exaggerates poses and expressions. There’s always something new happening on screen to treat your eyes to. Action is fast and exciting, even minor character interactions have a lot of flair. The art style has a distinctive wild sharpness to it that lends itself well to the over the top premise.

Sound La Sound

Kill La Kills Sound Track has been liked by many and considered of the best of 2014. With its classic song that has caught the ears of millions. Which is “Before My Body is Dry” (Commonly Known as “Dont Loss your way”) composted by Japanese composter Hiroyuki Sawano. The epic ballad that has transcended its time, that is on the equivalent to “You Say Run” in My Hero Academia.

The rest of The Sound Track could be considered forgettable and I can see why, but I must disagree as the theme songs for amazing characters like Satuski Kiryuin, Ragyo Kiryuin, Mako Mankanshuko, And many others, much of their soundtracks are absolutely fitting to their many personalities.


Kill la kill is a hidden gem within anime and is immeasurably underrated in the better anime list, the plot can get confusion and it dies down halfway, but it picks up in the final act with an amazing sendoff. if you ever get a chance to purchase the DVD set the same way I have, I urge you. You will not be disappointed.