Killer 7: Politics in gaming done RIGHT

Nowadays politics can be considered one of the most important parts of some lives due to the obsessive coverage, obsessive talk about it and overall the spin we give to it due to the obsession to get the most views,

Now, Killer7 First/Third person shooter game with arcade like mechanics with an tint of political drama/Psychological horror/David Lynch film released for PS2/Gamecube and Steam recently and a compelling storytelling technique which leaves some thing vague yet they can be understood once you analyze the game well enough.

Let`s get to the basics of the story shall we.

You play as the Smith Syndicate which is a group of 7 personalities inside one man named Harman Smith who is an wheelchair bound assassin who carries out politics related assassination for the US.

However they are intercepted by the mysterious Heaven Smiles, bizarre zombie like creatures who blow up and are invisible to everyone but the Smiths,

However the game is far deeper and interesting than this non spoiler preview because whatever I mention after the first mission are spoilers which shouldn`t be talked about without experiencing first hand, this game takes alot of inspiration from things like David Lynch film and it`s one of the most insane videogame experiences both plotwise and character wise, it`s not an easy to understand experience but it`s an lovely experience

The basics of the Seven Smiths is also interesting.

The main personalities are Dan, Garcian, Kaede, Coyote,Kevin, Con, MASK

All 7 of them are of course unique in their own way.

Dan is an hotblooded assassin who wouldn`t hesitate to shoot anyone

Kaede is a character who helps open passages with her own blood,

Coyote is an assholish assassin who can do long jumps.

Kevin is an mute albino who can turn invisible,

Con is an young blind chinese kid who has the ability to use Super Speed,

Mask is the embodiment of kindness who has super strength and uses it to help the Smiths at multiple points with his Grenade Launchers.

Garcian is the Cleaner who takes over once the Seven Smith personality are gone, he can be called the last resort in most missions and is curiously one of the personalities that appears the most throughout the game

There are also informants which all of them talk in a different text to speech voice each.

They are your ghostly clue givers which always help you throughout a level and throughout the story while giving you some tips.

How is the gameplay however and well.

The gameplay is Arcade like shooter which means you have a third person view while walking in a railroad corridor with different paths to take usually but to shoot you have to stand still and aim.

You cannot move and aim so you gotta know when to shoot and always check your surroundings as all Heaven smiles have a weak point which gives you Thick Blood which is used to upgrade your characters in restrooms.

Each upgrade is important in itself so don`t go around missing on weak points, some enemies have obvious ones while others have some really hard to find ones and you might need to use some shoots to find them.

The soundtrack.

Now, The soundtrack of Killer7 is done by Suda`s collaborator and Danganronpa composer Masafumi Takada and it can be considered one of it`s most memorable parts with songs such as “Rave on”, “Teck Mecks”, “Scene man”, “Russian roulette” and “Reenact”.

The music feels like part of a movie that each time you are in feels fitting.

You can feel the intensity of a scene through the music, the music is essential to the game for me and many others.

In a way you can consider that the music is probably one of the most beautiful part of the game besides the cel shaded graphics and cutscenes.

You can consider the game to be an insane videogame masterpiece with it`s story.

The game is a trip for the player who ventures into it and it feels like a Mamushka of both conspiracy and drama which spans thru multiple decades an involves the existence of the world itself

I rate Killer7 an 9/10 due to all of the points above and because of course it is a masterpiece but it has a minor flaw in itself.

That flaw being the run times of course but thankfully PC has fixed it for you players who didn`t waited 6 weeks in front of  a TV for a PS2 game to load.

All in all we can say Killer7 is the true political drama everyone would love.