The Jack Frost Hour #4: Blizzard’s Obsession with China

Have you pissed in your own mouth recently?

Wait no, have you play the Blizzard game recently?

China China Hong Kong China China China. For 2 weeks straight on my Twitter Timeline. I still see it pop up from time to time and it peeves me off still. But I can’t shake the feeling all this talk of China, Video Games, and Esports is just a subliminal message aimed straight at me and only me.

The words “China is where the money is at” probably gets thrown around a lot at your local bloated game publishers meeting room. China is literally the perfect capitalist market where a predominantly white can come in, dumb and half finished product, fill it to the brim with loot boxes, and get away with it, because your average Chinaman does not know what a good game is.

All of our, as westerners, talk of free speech and fairness is all well and good, and I do agree with freedom of speech over all else, I can’t help but think it doesn’t matter when China is the market. Blizzard will not be hit financially by any boycott from us Western chumps because China exists. If anything, China is the winner of this war, because Mandarin is a really hard language to learn and pill to swallow.