The Jack Frost Hour #3: I Was Always the Vocalist in Rock Band

I’m almost 100% sure I don’t need to explain the fun parts of playing games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Fake playing along to metal and rock songs was probably the best thing on Earth when I was a Snow Bany, which is why I have a pile of old plastic guitars in the corner of my room that I refuse to throw away.

I even liked playing alone, as sad as that sounds. As I discussed before I really like arcade games and GH is pretty much just that. Plus the songs in each game introduced me to my love of music in general, so it wasn’t all too pathetic.

by some miracle, whenever I did have other people to play those games with though, that was a bit of a different story. When Rock Band came out and introduced the world to playing fake drums (to be fair, I bet it did at least help some people play real drums) the plastic instrument game market was never the same. Now it was about the full band experience, and someone had to sing along to the clicking and clacking of frets.

Karaoke games where nothing new for the devs making Rock Band, so adding a uncle tractor required players to sing into a USB microphone wasn’t too alien of concept, it’s just that in reality, you need to at least understand the basics of changing the pitch of your voice. A slightly taller task than holding down a button and strumming along to a song with 4 chords tops.

Needless to say most players didn’t want to be the one stuck doing vocals when it came time to play with four people, unless a friend in the group really really enjoyed karaoke for some ungodly reason. Needless to say, I was always the stand in.

Hell yeah I was a choir kid in High School. Singing along to songs like Welcome Home was pretty fun. It didn’t help that I knew somewhat what to do, and how not to sound like a cat being hit by a car.

I’m pretty sure the only other other people I’ve seen who where okay with the idea of being the mic player where the little sisters of households with the game. If this proves I have the bring capacity of a 10 year old girl, then I don’t want to be right.