Pokemon Sword And Shield is getting a graphical upgrade on PC

With the quick work of dedicated PC gamers, Sword and Shield made it onto PC day one and quickly after, the real fun began.

A youtuber by the name of BSod Gaming who focuses primarily on emulation and video tutorials recently started a thread about a team of modders and him who had been working on adding “HD textures” for Pokemon Sword & Shield and were making some good progress.

BSod claimed “This Mod works both on the Nintendo Switch/Emulators with no performance hit.” which if true is fantastic for anyone who wants to play this game in the best quality possible.

“Remember that most of the work that has been done so far is placeholder and proof that it can be done. A final release will be of a much higher standard.”

Even with the substantial increase in quality shown they plan on improving it further and making sure no texture goes untouched. This along with other graphical mods that improve lighting and coloration will end up making Sword & Shield one of the best looking games on the switch.

Later in BSoD’s twitter thread he provided examples of textures and coloring for the environment to show what the capability are of this emulator and the progress they are making.

Personally my favorite is option 2

These are very early stages of modding development but it is very promising if these advancements have been made so quickly without a massive hit to performance. Within a months time Sword & Shield will have enough graphical mods to pleasure any PC gamer.

This is exciting and I’m very excited to play this game on PC despite frequent criticism of it. I could spend this time shitting on GameFreak but really I don’t need that negativity. Feel free in the comments to make fun of how easy it was to make these improvements.