The Jack Frost Hour #2: Arcades on Discs

The last thing I want to do is condone piracy, so let me start by saying that I do not condone piracy in any way, shape, or form for any reason. And you should currently not use emulators like MAME, FinalBurn Alpha or RetroArch to illegally play ROMs or ISOs of long out-of-print video games.

With that being said, I love the video game emulation scene and most of my favorite games of all time came from me downloading full ROM dumps and playing them on a 2007 version of MAME. I could be described as a junkie but instead of shooting up black tar into my veins I played OutRun. You decide which method should be more legal

But there is a way to obtain these old arcade games in a legal manner. But gosh darn it, it just don’t feel the same. Buying an offten times overpriced re-release of a 20 year old game on the platform of your choice just can’t beat the rush of getting Daytona USA to run on your computer for the first time. I appreciate the offer that some publishers like Sega and Nintendo give to us gaming credence sometimes, when they offer an enhanced port or an upscaled version of an old game, but my drug addict brain just can’t take the hit to my wallet.

Back in the Stone age known as the 7th generation of consoles, when I, Jack Frost, was just a snow baby, before I knew what an emulator was, would from time to time buy compilations of old arcade games. Disgusting as the thought of buying 720° for $30 is, little me didn’t care, because he saw that Toobin was also apart of the Midway Arcade Treasures vol 1 ps2 game, and he just couldn’t help himself.

Rampage, Robotron, Gauntlet, Toobin again, Smash TV, Joust, Toobin, Toobin, oh my God who the heck cares about Toobin, and the original Paperboy all come together in a grab bag of iffy sound issues and poorly compressed behind the scenes videos with the devs of most of the games on offer. Really it isn’t a bad deal if you are a stupid Boomer who doesn’t want to fumble around with emulators to play Toobin.

Really these compilation discs are thing of the past. now it’s all about nickel-and-diming you for each individual game. Yeah sure, Sega puts out a Genesis compilation every 3 seconds and will continue to do so until the heat death of the universe, but for bygone companies like Bally Midway, who’s IPs are in the hands of Warner Brothers, you are more likely to see a movie adaptation of your favorite 80s arcade classic, rather than a downloadable collection of 50 games you may or may not like. Oh, they still come out sometimes with a whopping 10 games per release, but sometimes I think the only reason why they put those out is to scam your dad. Depending on how much you like your father you may not care, because you can play Toobin at 4K resolution on your tower of Power desktop while sitting in a Discord chat and wondering why you are as sad as you are.