Half Life: Alyx, The Largest HLVR Leak in History – What We Know

In 2015, the release of The Lab – a portal VR game was leaked early with several loose files. These files contained leaked minigames, test levels, prototypes and textures. These levels were littered with hundreds of ERROR models (for those who play Garry’s Mod you will know the exact type of horror I’m talking about) and unfinished lighting. Levels like this included a Left 4 Dead 3 map where you meet a survivor, a Headcrab shooting range, a space ship flying scenario from the presumed canceled Stars of Blood RPG Valve title, and leaked textures of said biker and a Half Life 3 citizen. Needless to say, this was a huge day for Valve fans as we got to see what exactly Valve was working on right behind the curtain. They had been silent for years on any new projects, so this was a big wave of info. While nowhere near as big as the 2015 Lab leak, loads of strings would be leaked throughout the following decade, including but not limited to – HLVR, or Half Life VR. Or, what is known now, as Half Life: Alyx.

Needless to say, these leaks have gone all but silent to those who weren’t paying attention and, let’s be honest, for good reason. Valve’s games have been in a slow decline with much less frequent updates on the games popular to us, all in favor of propping up Dota 2 for the Chinese Audience. Counter Strike: Global Offensive has struggled to get any attention from Valve despite huge numbers in their Esports games even compared to the likes of Overwatch, and Team Fortress 2 has all but been left in the dust at this point. With a scrapped major update in 2018, Source 2 SDK’s release nowhere near in sight and a Crate Depression that caused complete havoc in the economy, Team Fortress 2’s playerbase has been dwindling in number ever sense. Dota 2, Dota Underlords and Artifact have been in Valve’s spotlight for quite a while now, so it’s very obvious why these large HLVR leaks have only now been realized by everyone else.

There’s a long list of what details have been leaked in terms of strings and code, but that’s quite boring to anyone who doesn’t know much of that sort of thing. What you should know, though, is that every VR project that Valve has worked on such as The Lab, SteamVR, Destinations, Aperature Hand Lab and their help with Boneworks, has all lead up to Half Life Alyx. This is, supposedly, Valve’s magnum opus that we’re looking at here. Not only that but, due to an inside source like Valve News Network, it’s all made by fans of the Half Life 2 Beta that was leaked in 2003. There’s no real confirmation on it besides him, but if that’s true then we could be seeing Cremators or even Combine Assassins, which were original enemies cut from Half Life 2. There was previous rumor that it was going to take place during the 7 Years War and be a prequel. However, due to the rumors below, it’s most likely going to be a continuation rather than a prequel. Both of these rumors have been from people visiting the office (Such as VNN) and both pointed to Alyx being the main character.

The big leak here is quite an interesting subject to gander at. Knowing the context of all the HLVR leaks and following Valve News Network gave absolutely no signs of something like this. Essentially, an entire transcript of an unpublished interview between Geoff Keighley (Game Awards creator and popular games event figure), Robin Walker (creator of Team Fortress 2 and the original TF Quake mod) and an unnamed third person refers to this Half Life: Alyx, which apparently is to be released in March 2020. Knowing Valve time, I highly doubt that March will be the actual month that the game will be revealed.

Not only that but a Reddit user by the name of u/gameanon1996 dropped the ball that the new Half Life game will be announced this Wednesday as he claims to have an inside source to confirm this.

He also asked the inside source if it was going to be VR only and they said they worked on both nonvr and VR versions, however. This is quite a red flag for the legitimacy of the claim as Valve doesn’t work like that. If they make a VR game, they’re making a VR game and not one for PC alongside it, as the intricacies of a VR game doesn’t really translate to a mouse and keyboard.

Valve News Network is hosting a complete Half Life series stream on Wednesday, however. He would only do that if he was absolutely sure that HLVR would be released that day. So the claim of a non-VR Halflife game is considered bullshit, the claim of being released on Wednesday may not actually be s-

–Wait, holy shit they just announced it. Speak of the devil.

Edit: Seeing how VNN is more right about the release. It’s going to be much more of a Prequel than a continuation. My apologies

Main Source: https://www.gamesradar.com/half-life-alyx-a-vr-successor-to-half-life-2-could-be-announced-very-soon/