The Jack Frost Hour #1: Google Stadia: Straddling the line between playable and unentertaining

Google is the Alpha and Omega, the final period At the end of the sentence of the internet, and the only company in America to accept the dragon kin furry into their open and loving arms and turn them into a hard working pawn in the game of internet censorship.

There’s a lot of reasons I’m not going to buy Google’s new console (is it even a console or is it a streaming service? I’m not going to look it up), a lot of bulletin points in my head are screaming at me that this isn’t a good purchasing that I’d be supporting one of the most evil companies to crawl out of Silicon Valley (right next to Cloudflare. Thanks assholes), but I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to only play games via unstable internet waves.

It’s like a really sick curiosity, every time I do look into it I feel I’m looking into super illegal dark web cannibal play by post role-playing message board. There is evil in this world and we call it by its maiden name Stadia

Really, I’m not alone. I would pay just to see one normal person express interest in buying a Stadia. It’s the time it was announced I’ve heard no talk from coworkers, loved ones, estranged uncles, anyone say anything at all about Google’s new pet project. I don’t even think it’s real I think it’s just a fever dream me free internet are having all at the same time. It’s like the Mandela effect but except we all remember him dying in a prison collectively.

The ONLY good press I see is from the press itself but even then I believe is in the most soy hardened neckbeard games journalist fucking hates the idea.

When this thing launch is it’s going to be the biggest embarrassment the industry has ever seen, right next to own collapse in a few years (allegedly).