BREAKING NEWS – Half Life: Alyx Announced by Valve. Unveiling this Thursday

While I was writing about the speculation of when Half Life: Alyx was to be announced by Valve, several things leaked about the date of its announcement, some saying it’ll be revealed at the Game Awards 2019 and other sources this Wednesday

Look what showed up right when I finished it:

Valve has just announced that Half Life: Alyx, the long awaited flagship VR title hinted early this year, is going to unveil this very Thursday. There has been a lot of leaks in the past few years of strings and code pointing to HLVR. Now, all of that is finally confirmed. What does this mean for the future of Valve, VR and perhaps the Gaming Industry itself? We’ll have to see. But if Boneworks is anything to go by – which Valve did help develope – this game is going to rock the boat hard.