Metal Gear Solid V: The End of A Saga

Metal Gear Solid V, A game that was the end to the saga is quite an unexpected surprise to say the least. As the last Metal Gear Hideo Kojima will make, this is a very different take on the Metal Gear franchise.

Was his last piece of stealth action espionage made in vain? How fun exactly is it? And is the online mode worth it? Well, to find out these things we have to look into the game itself, so let’s start some rocket peace with my personal review of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Let’s start with the story, (fair warning I am not going to talk a lot of the story here, if you want to hear about the story, you can check out the video here: )
The story of Metal Gear Solid V is not that bad, in my opinion. However it still could’ve used a lot of work. For example- Mission 51 getting scrapped. That mission was supposed to be a really big part in Metal Gear Solid V, but time and budget was a huge problem so they scrapped it. Now, the main problem with MGSV’s story is that that a lot of main missions are just you doing some jobs for money. It really kills the Metal Gear vibe and ruins its core: a stealth action espionage game. It’s not a game where your supposed to take mercenary jobs like destroying 3 tanks or stealing nuclear metals made for building nukes. Some good things about the story are some of the characters you meet, like Code talker, Ocelot, Miller, and Quiet. Another positive is that some story missions are really good. Such as the one you sneak into a mansion and rescue Code Talker while some type of zombie solders surround the mansion and you have to sneak past them. Overall the story has some fun missions, but most are really just jobs you take for money that are somehow block you from advancing to the story.

The gameplay in MGSV is pretty good overall, but it does have a fair share of problems like the reflex mechanic, it makes the game easy to stealth. I understand that newbies need it, but it’s still quite overpowered. Lowering your shot accuracy could balance it out. Another issue is that some of the vehicles are just too overpowered. You can just get a tank and destroy a whole damn pack of Skulls with it, even if they have a bunch of counters for it. The tank can shoot out one shell, their armor depletes, and then you can either run them over or shoot them up with the LMG. A pro, however, is that there are more non lethal way to defeat enemies. Weapons such as the Riot SMG have seen a lot of stealth play when playing this game. The graphics are also a plus. They’re from 2015 but they still make MGSV look like a newer AAA game. The Fox Engine runs smoothly, someone even made a makeshift MGS3 out of it
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Overall gameplay is pretty good, albeit the unbalanced weapons take quite a bit from the stealthy enjoyment from it.

The other mode other then the main and side missions is the F.O.B mode, which in my opinion is really fun if you like raiding stuff. The main good thing about it is the way you can make more materials by the online mines, or stealing them from other players. I really like that you can play as any of your solders you own, even Quiet or Ocelot. The only problem as playing as your solders is that they don’t have all the same stats Snake has, some do have one skills that they are better than Snake, but those are really rare. F.O.B missions also allow you to craft more things as well, but it’s mostly just for F.O.B protection. One fatal flaw is that it’s online only, so you can’t do a F.O.B mission if you have no internet at the moment. Overall the F.O.B mode is a fun mode, sure it has some glitches with it sometimes, and it can get annoying when a lot of your shit is gone, but it still in my opinion is a good mode.

Overall Metal Gear Solid V is a pretty good game, the story is a bit lackluster and a lot gameplay mechanics are overpowered, but it still has some kind of old Metal Gear charm I’m a way. I give this game a fair 7 out of 10, I recommend it for people who like stealth action with some kick into it and that has a bit of a dramatic story.