Smite has RWBY Skins – Are They Worth It?

A few months ago, it was announced that Smite, one of the less popular games from the Moba genre, would be collaborating with RWBY, the popular Anime CGI show from Rooster Teeth for a new skinline. It makes perfect sense, since Smite is about the gods and the RWBY characters are worshiped like ones (I personally am in the Church of Ruby Rose and if you disagree with me, I will take legal action). This is quite the odd occurrence, still, as Moba games hardly collaborate with outside IPs, especially ones from completely different forms of media. They’d either make references to other IPs or have promotional items for Steam games like Team Fortress 2 hats or Dota 2 announcers and wards. A videogame with a set of licensed skins from an Anime such as RWBY is quite the rare occurrence, especially for a declining game such as Smite.

To make one thing clear, something that I mistook, is that these RWBY characters in Smite are indeed skins, not separate gods. I thought the opposite going in and I’m sure others have been expecting the same. I did want to explain to you all my background, as a warning that I will have a good load of bias in some areas – I have been an avid Moba fan since 2012 when Dota 2 started giving out more of its beta codes. I saw pretty much any other Moba as inferior (and that’s still true gameplay-wise, let’s all be honest). I started League of Legends in very late 2014, right before Season 5 started. So I’ve been a fan of Mobas for quite a while. Smite was a Moba I could never get into. Not only because I saw it as far inferior to Dota and LoL but I’m never good at TPS games unless it’s an RPG like World of Warcraft. However, my love for Paladins compelled me to try out Smite again recently. It’s pretty fun, to be honest and I’d recommend giving it a go for those tired of the Moba genre. I got to try out all five RWBY skins, to which I will show you how to get these and my opinions on them and if they’re worth their prices.

These are all, again, exclusive to a RWBY Battle Pass. Something that Hi-Rez has been pushing for the false set of urgency for quite a while now with Paladins. The Premium Track is 750 gems, which requires the 800 gem pack for $15 and the Level 21 pack is about 1350 gems, which requires the 1500 gem pack for $24. It’s quite a high entry price either way. But let’s get into the skins first and see if it’s worthy of such a price.

Blake’s skin, the level one reward, fits the Amaterasu base animations and model. However, Blake as a character doesn’t fit much with her at all and her abilities seem completely different to what she uses in the anime series. The eyes are also something that you need to get used to, they’re very awkward to look at. Her ability effects look ok, they’re basic in color but they have the cool anime action lines effect. One thing I realized is that she sounds nothing like Blake in the anime series and its pretty distracting. Overall, it’s an ok skin overall. It’s nothing too special to be honest. If you want a good Amaterasu skin, just get the Sunny Chibi skin, it’s absolutely adorable and it’s way better overall.

Weiss is the level 21 reward and the instant unlock when you get the Level 21 Pass pack for 1350 gems. The model is actually pretty nice and has quite a bit of detail on it, given the new Volume 7 costume and its animations fit nicely with Freya. The icy effects are really nice to look at and the abilities actually fit with Weiss as a character. This skin is also one of the best Freya skins out of the god’s skin set (though Pixel Buster looks awesome). I would say though, if this is the only skin you’re looking for, you might not want to drop $24 on it.

Yang is the level 42 reward for the battlepass and, I have to say, it looks cute as hell. But while it’s the best looking skin from a model perspective and has a perfect voice, it’s not so great in its other areas. Terra’s animations dont fit well as they’re clearly made in an earlier stage of the game. The effects are also meh. The punching effects look great, but the other abilities don’t fit Yang at all and look way out of place. It’s overall not a skin for any RWBY fan but it’s one of Terra’s best skins for you Smite fans.

The last two are both Ruby skins for Thanatos and the level 60 reward for the battle pass. This one is the funniest because you act like a god of death, but you’re just a 16 year old girl with a transforming scythe too big for her own good. It has the worst looking face out of all of them. However, its effects and voice are just too perfect. Since it’s a TPS as well, you wont be seeing the face much at all ingame. Though I will say the level 60 isn’t the best price for her. Her classic skin is also pretty darn cool. I’m a fan of only Volumes 1-3 so this set is right up my alley. Its face is still bad but the rest of the skin is still great. However, I can’t say its worth a Level 60 Prestige. If Paladins is anything to go buy, it’s already a nightmare to get to the max level before going into the Prestige levels. Plus there’s way better Thanatos skins to get if you want one for that god.

Overall, I’d say the RWBY skins are worth it for any big Smite fan, though I don’t think RWBY fans would relatively enjoy them as much. The only great skin is Weiss’, while Yang and Ruby have good skins, they’re not worth much of their price, and Blake’s is just dogshit. Hopefully these will be on sale for 1200 gems each and the Weiss one can be picked up without having to drop $24. But if you’re looking to just try Smite for a bit, go right ahead! I think now’s a good time to get started with a big event going on.