Halo MCC: You have to buy it again…

Update 12/5/2019: It does not support Xbox play anywhere and you can only get it with game pass subscription or straight out buying it so if you bought it on Xbox it won’t matter.

source: https://www.onmsft.com/news/halo-reach-launches-on-halo-mcc-for-xbox-one-and-pc-today-and-you-can-play-it-with-xbox-game-pass

Halo MCC. Where do I even begin? Now that this game is on PC and a wider audience is able to play this game, we’ve come across a new potential for this game on PC. We now know the game will launch 12/3/2019, which is a good start and a good release date after months of silence, but it now seems you might have to rebuy the game on PC, as it isn’t available with Xbox Play anywhere. You know, that feature where you can play a game on Xbox and if it’s on PC, you can play it there as well. We know Microsoft has been very pro-consumer this generation, which is good for many people, as it lets them enjoy more from the company. We all hope this decision isn’t final and that on release, if you bought the game on Xbox, you can get it on PC via the Xbox play Anywhere stuff.

You should be worried if Microsoft doesn’t do the Xbox Play Anywhere for this game. It would go against the goals they set, which includes letting people own one copy of the game for Xbox and PC without having to buy it again. If this is set in stone, we as consumers should be upset if this the direction they go. Well, it’s good that it’s included in Xbox Game Pass, at least. It would be very awkward if it wasn’t, but at the end of the day, all we can do is hope that Microsoft does the right thing.