JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: A “Stand”ing Ovation

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is Arguably the greatest work of art to come from Japan, besides Hentai of course. Jojo has been memes and referenced more than any popular anime to date, and its popularity is rising quickly to western audiences. Due to licensing issues, there was not a true western production within its time of creation. But in the past decade, JoJo has risen to be one of the most important works of Japanese art to date. I’m here to give you my feelings on every Part of Jojo, All the way from its origins in Phantom blood, all the way to the Requiem of Kings in Golden Wind. Prepare yourself for a, Truly Bizarre Adventure. 

Warning, there are Spoilers for Jojo Part 1-5

Part 1: Stir the surface of light and darkness

(Phantom Blood) 

Starting off with the first Arc of JoJo, we have Phantom Blood, the beginning of the Long Joestar Bloodline And it’s Battle with Dio for ages. And the best parts of Part 1, was Battles of Jonathan and Dio Brando. The Dynamic between Jonathan and Dio Provoke the true beginning of a Long battle. And both of their characters Plrolomg a Rivalry and Great Divide. 

Jonathan’s pride and nobility launched him into the forefront of the battle against Dio that subsequently lead to his death. Jonathan never truly deserved to die the way he did, in a burning ship holding the severed head of His adopted brother. But Dio, being thrown into the Joestar Family, his true evil intentions were seen by Jonathan and not by his father. Jonathan’s father not seeing the evil within Dio, lead to his murder. And when the Die was cast, Jonathan took it upon himself to Defeat Dio. The Price of Nobility, was the cost of his life. 

Dio’s Character was more than just a simple Villian, Dio is much smarter than many villains in anime. Dio was not a villain keen on world domination, or the death of millions. Dio was born with a unlucky roll of fate. Being born with a terrible father, who attempted to rob the Bodies of George Joestar, Jonathan’s Father. With his Luck, George was Alive, and assumed Dio’s father was to save him. And this in debt to Dario. The Father of Dio. With Dario’s Death, Dio was allowed to stay within the Halls of the Joestar Manor. Dio was struggling as a Child in England, a Terrible father, and lead to him being the man he was when he was first introduced into Jonathan’s World. 

With their Growth, Dio and Jonathan continued their development into the characters we know and love, and or hate today. DIO’s Evil and Cunning was mached with Jonathan’s Purity and Strength. Each character essentially built off each other, and leading to their eventual confrontation within the Final chapters of Phantom Blood. Jonathan and Dio are completely polar opposites, but built off upon each other. Grewwith one another that lead to their legacies never being forgotten. 

Part 2: Their ripples echo together

(Battle Tendency) 

Admittedly, Battle Tendency in my opinion was the weakest of the set of Arcs, but giving Battle Tendency it’s dues. There are many factors that make it a great arc, and one of the most important pieces of Battle Tendency is the Second JoJo, Jospeh Joestar. 

Jospeh is highly regarded as one of the most popular Joestars in the arcs he appears in, including Stardust crusaders. But one ideal that Jospeh truly outputs is the cancellation of the “Hero” demeanor. Jospeh, being related to the Heroic Jonathan Joestar, most likely knew of Jonathan’s death to Dio. Knowing what befell Jonathan, I don’t believe Jospeh took the idea of being the hero gladly, and it’s shown in his character. 

Jospeh is more of a comical and less serious joestar from Jonathan. His character had more comedic and light hearted moments that made him as popular as he was during Battle Tendency, leading to odd moments from his multiple battles with the Pillar Men. Tendency has more light hearted moments but still had its share of moments that tore the heart out of me. The death of Joseph’s Close friend Ceasar, that was one of the most impactful moments in Jojo. 

Even with the death of his close friend, Jospeh was able to use his cunning and intellect to outsmart his opponents with his Hamon, and he showed that even when facing almost impossible odds, Jospeh still pulled away with the victory. Even with the cards stacked against you, you can still win at the end, Jospeh faced a Aztec god who became literally the ultimate Lifeform. And still defeated him with one Hand. Jospeh’s Return in Stardust Crusaders and his Little moments in Daimond Is Unbreakable only added to his character. Which I will explain more in the next two Arcs of Jojo. 

Part 3: The sun leads those who seek the path of glory

(Stardust Crusaders) 

Stardust Crusaders has been named arguably the best Jojo Arc of all time, due to the introduction of Jojo’s most important part. Stands. Stands are manifestations of a persons soul and they’ve been an important part of every Arc past part 3. Stands of course hold many abilities, from super strength, speed, durability, creation of fire, Ice, and even powers that are strong enough to change the world itself. 

The Third JoJo, Jotaro Kujo, stands out from the predecessors of Jonathan and Jospeh, being a teenage punk with a bad attitude. Regardless of how he looks, he actually cares greatly for his friends, and that was shown in the journey to Egypt in Stardust Crusaders, which first introduced the Stand Group, the main team of stand users that perpetrated the main story, that was Noriaki Kakyoin, Muhammad Avdol, Jean Pierre Polnareff, The Returning Joseph Joestar, and the Protagonist, Jotaro. On their journey to say his mother, Holy Kujo from her own stand that’s killing her, and the only way to save her is to Kill the Undying DIO. 

Jospeh’s involvement and his development of a smug punk to a wise elder who can still fight. His character still had that comedic tone from part 2. His character is different from part 2 attitude wise, but still able to add comedic value to the story and always works out in the end. Granted the things that made a cool and interesting character were removed and he still seems like a grumpy old man. 

The Story of stardust crusaders was a journey that truly was bizarre, no pun intended. As it revolves moreso not Jotaro, but the stardust crsaders. Parts 1 and 2 focused on the JoJo, But part 3s Story took a lot of time to flesh out the side characters like Polnareff, Kakyoin, Avdol and Iggy, that’s what made the story so amazing and enduring. We went on a 48 Day Journey with these great characters. And with the heart shattering Deaths of Iggy, Avdol And Kakyoin, it gave us a sense of dread, but also a feeling of wholeness. That the journey comes to a end. Their memories will forever be cherished. The Stardust Crusaders. 

In Essence SC was basically a long roadtrip, but it held so much more, this lovable cast of characters that were able to surpass the man who seemingly transcended humanity itself. DIO. 

Part 4: Demanding a sacrifice from all those who pursue their ambition

(Daimond is Unbreakable) 

Daimond is Unbreakable will go down as my favorite Jojo Arc That has been animated. Obviously That is until Stone Ocean, Steel Ball Run, And JoJolion gets their Anime adaptations. But Daimond is Unbreakables best parts are the Story, essentially torn into three parts. 

Part 1, The Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town 

Part one of DIU focuses not on the main plot but moreso the introduction of the characters. Including the Return of Jotaro Kujo, We get important plot points in stand battles with Aqua Necklace, Bad Company, And Red Hot Chili Pepper. Each of those battles lead closer to the story of DIU. The first part lead us to character development with Josuke and his Father Jospeh, Koichi’s Character growth and Okuyasu Coping with the death of his brother, each character getting their fair moments of development that continues into part 2 and 3, and to meet the Main JoJo of Part 4, Josuke Higishikata And His Stand Crazy Daimond, of course a fantastic reference to Pink Floyd’s Shine on, you Crazy Daimond! Another Major factor for my love for DIU is its Musical references, which is a lot, including stands like: The Band, Knocking on Heavens Door, Surface, Killer Queen, Another One Bites the Dust, Echoes, Red Hot Chili Pepper, And Many More. Of course many of these were changed in America due to licensing issues. 

Part 2: The Chase 

Part 2, Eventually, leads to the villain of Part 4, David Bowie, Also known as Yoshikage Kira. Who’s entire character arc, is just his fetish for women’s severed hands. In reality his character is less complicated than you’d expect. Kira doesn’t seek riches like Dio, he doesn’t want some powerful relic like Kars, and he doesn’t want to destroy a bloodline like part 3 DIO. All Kira wishes, is to life a normal life, this takes the idea of Hero Vs Villain more interesting. In Most cases the Villain is known and makes a grand entrance to the hero. In the case of Daimond is Unbreakable, the villain is hidden within the normality of The town. And the Morioh Gang Must search desperately for the Killer to bring him to justice. Much of Part 2 spans on identifying the Serial Killer and Attempting to gain justice for those he had killed. This leading to the final part. 

Part 3, Great Days 

Great days is the final part of DIU and it focuses on the end of the Killers Peace, crushing it into pieces and stopping their murderous rampage. Part 3 is the conclusion of Part 4 and its an almost perfect wrap up of the Arc. Kira was finally exposed As the killer that was lead his demise by his “Son” Hayato. Kira had believed that the power of his new stand, Bites the Dust, would give him the tranquility was foiled by a child. Kira’s Arrogance was exploited and lead to his demise. The end of Kira was one of the most Satisfying death in anime. The Killers Tranquility was broken by the Shining Justice that escaped his grasp. With the End Of Kira, Peace has been brought to Morioh, and truly a better life can be lived in the Town. 

Part: 5: A golden soul for the man who conquers his fears

(Golden Wind) 

Golden Wind is the most recent anime adaption and the English dub continuing on Toonami. Golden Wind focuses on one of Many of DIO’s Children, Giorno Givanna, an Italian Stand User and his Stand Golden Experience, Part 5 was a Charge of Golden Righteousness. Giorno, rather wanting to be a GangStar for financial properties, but rather to clean the city of Napol of Drugs given to children and gang violence. 

A character that was born from one of the worlds most evil beings, was pertains himself to be a better person than his father. Giorno joining the Gang Passione with memorable characters that lead to the final confrontation with the Unknown Stand User Diavolo. Golden winds biggest Up is its synergy of Passione, each member is different and each have their own reasons to join the gang, giving them strong freelings and motivations to join the gang. And leading to such good stand battles and fights, all leading to a fantastic end to a great story. 

That is The end of Parts 1-5, of course part 6,7 and 8 will most likely get their anime adaption in the future, the bizarre adventure is far from over