Lee Sin’s VA Changed – Why It Matters

     A few months ago, the internet woke up to numerous sexual accusations against beloved voice actor, Vic Mignogna (it’s ok, we can’t pronounce it either). Before a response was even made, Rooster Teeth had already fired Vic from voicing as Qrow in RWBY, as well as Funimation braking off contact with him, no longer the voice of Broly from Dragon Ball Z. It was truly shocking and confusing for anime fans alike. Some knew this was a long time coming as Vic had a questionable behavior of… hugging his fans and kissing them on the cheek… not sure why that’s anything to go off of, especially with consent. Long supporters were quick to demand proof of these claims. Stories popped up but those same story tellers were quick to change it up whenever the narrative wasn’t working for them. Some of the leaders of the KickVic hashtag had a whole load of dirty laundry themselves. Regardless of whether hugging your underaged fans and kissing them on the cheek spells a warrant for arrest or not, the entire KickVic controversy has been an absolute shitshow.

    The point? One of his top videogame roles, Lee Sin in League of Legends, has recently been laid victim of breaking off the Vic. Here’s what Lee Sin used to sound like –

Here is what Lee Sin’s voice sounds like now –

As you can hear, the difference is night and day. He went from a calm yet assertive warrior to a generic samurai cartoon character. It’s tacky at best.

Riot Games, incase you haven’t heard of what’s been going on with them lately, recently took a massive blow when several women of the company spoke against the abusive employees thru interviews in a massive Kotaku article. Later on women began suing the company for sexual misconduct before Riot forced employees to get an arbitration in sexual harassment cases. Even a walkout of 150 employees, with most being senior managers, gathered in front of the headquarters to speak out. Only for Riot to once again ignore it all and continue requiring arbitration. So, in cruel irony, Riot Games, a company with a past of abuse of female contractors and prevention of any women suing the company for sexual misconduct, in a desperate measure has removed Vic Mignogna’s voice from Lee Sin, replacing it with Hanzo’s voice. They turned a beloved calm monk into a generic angry samurai character with his voice, basically. Not only does it sound awful but the fact Riot does this to cover up their own sexual allegations further proves that satire is dead. Not just dead, but its carcass is ripped open by the Doom Slayer and thrown to the side of the road and then hit with a few cars – it’s just a mess in the street.

   The allegations against Vic, as I should state here, have all been inconsistent at best, and straightup lies at worst. Monica Rial, one of the accusers, has admitted to taking Vic out of the industry because of cheating (which, alright, Vic is an asshole for cheating on his fiance, but does he deserve to lose his entire career over lies because of it? No, no it doesn’t) but also threatening to call homeland security on fans who were asking questions. Even with the #KickVic going so far as to dox and ruin the lives of Vic supporters. That Umbrella Guy was one of these supporters. It wasn’t long before pictures of his family were leaked onto Twitter, and people went over to his mailbox and demolished it. Later, Lauren “RenFamous” Cooper admitted to smashing the mailbox with a cosplay prop mallet, changing her profile pic to an emoji yeeting a mailbox. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

   The KickVic movement is out for blood, they aren’t willing to get the Authorities involved, because that means their ugly truth comes out. So they’ve retorted to property damage, empty threats and violence to get their way. They will get what they want, even if they’re not exactly sure what their end goal is. Regardless, they will drag their own careers through the mud to get that sweet sweet satisfaction, even if the truth is already known at this point. League of Legends hiding its sexual misconduct by changing Vic’s voice is just another step into hiding behind the foggy glass of Wokeness.

Edit: Thanks to CBV, it was his Fiance, not his wife. Still a dick move. They also pointed out that the hugging and kissing was consensual. Something I failed to mention.

2nd Edit: It appears that God Fist Lee Sin, his legendary skin, does still have Vic’s voice as there’s no updated video. However, the LoLWiki states otherwise so I will update this when it’s confirmed