CSGO: Restrictive and Unfun


Who remembers counter strike source or counter strike 1.6 we all do don’t we? I and many others will remember the old counter strike games as choice for competitive gaming, CSGO is competitive so what’s the problem?

I’m here to tell you that CSGO is restrictive, boring, and unintuitive valve ripped the heart of the CSGO community and gave us a watered-down version of 1.6 and CSS (Counter-Strike Source) a bunch of gambling and a team focused shooter. Back in the glory days of counter strike the movement wasn’t restrictive you weren’t punished for moving and gun-play felt nice and things like learning strafes and bunny hopping made the game fast-paced to only the mechanically gifted players who could speed around the map in a nice and quick option besides the boring walk to B site on dust 2, to only get clapped by a man with a AWP. You had the choice to play the game the way you wanted.

I and many others would agree counter strike has completely been watered out so bad that the game is bland, there’s no way to play the game how you want any more and it is a spend more time tap firing simulator than it is playing the game in a fun and challenging manner. You remember when we brought up strafes and bunny hopping? You remember how you ultimately could Bhop to B site on dust 2 just to get the drop on your enemies? You can’t now as your movement speed and strafing potential is locked once you move like that. You are more of a sitting duck than standing in mid when there’s an AWP looking at you.

I and my other peers are now at the mercy of valve hoping they ever revive their old Counter-Strike play style for us many hardcore Counter-Strike players but as valve doesn’t care as CSGO has already gotten undeserved success in the FPS gaming scene with its 90 degree slow and restrictive aim. You almost feel like your aiming in a box where other games encourage full 360 degree aim in the environment. CSGO keeps you restricted it doesn’t want you to do anything fun or quirky it wants you to listen for callouts from teammates rather than do that on top of more skilled gameplay mechanics.

CSGO is a slow unskilled game hidden in a toxic and plentiful player base of the same slow-paced people, hopefully something changes but Valve doesn’t care they just wanna sell you skins and your sanity on the black market.