The Minecraft Bee and How It Set the Gaming Community on Fire

   Months ago Minecraft had a rather meaty sized update that included a Bee NPC. Nobody asked for the damn thing or even cared. A few memes were seen on reddit here and there, some tried to revive Bee Movie meme on r/dankmemes which lasted a day or two. However, a community longing for the attention they crave rose up from the ashes of irrelevancy, the last letter in the LGBT and, arguably, the most hated due to their attention craving and silencing those who like dressing up innocently because it’s “not real trans”. Twitter users started waking up to a trending tweet that the “Minecraft Bee is Trans” in a tweet from @hopefullyidont1. Some of the replies were either mocking someone’s pronouns (which is a generalization that making your pronouns a personality means you’re using it as a pass to do and say stupid shit), most of it was asking HOW the bees were trans, which errupted into a trending tab full of “Lol GamersTM are mad about the bee being trans in MineCraft!”

   When normally whoever freedom fights by generalizing the “GamersTM,” they’d have an audience to hop on and continue to “own the gamers” in their terms, it didn’t go this way this time. A large portion of twitter users were either making fun of those saying the Bee was trans, saying “How” or showing the reaction of the trans community when you say “how.” The latter became so popular that the Team Fortress 2 Engineer became a meme again with “how” being the only thing he says before the video ends. However, no one can deny that there is a large portion of people, mostly LGBT people, that are indeed tired of this constant attention whoring.

   So why are people sick of this? Why are people mad and others in a mocking tone? Well for one, the Trans community goes for anything for a little bit of popularity and clout, because of their title, they can just call anyone “transphobic” for calling out on their bullshit. It’s a complete safenet and almost gives you a free win with clout everytime. Accusing someone of a discriminatory crime has its limits, however. People start to question your line of logic as you start to abuse this power of accusations and calling everything a slur.

   To give you a prime example we must go to a good friend of mine, AvieTheTrap. Avie was bullied in a recent tweet because the account had constantly stated that “Trap is a slur,” except that Avie was identifying themself as a trap, or a feminine guy dressing like a girl. A brigade began soon after of Trans supporters harassing Avie, eventually spamming false-reports at Avie, eventually bringing his channel down. Nothing screams “Defender of Justice” by bullying a random twitter account and getting them removed, losing their job, audience and attempting to destroy their passion

   Do you see why we can’t give them an inch? They’re out for attention and power. They don’t give a single shit about trans people, nor do they want equal rights. They want to be above everyone else and treated as their special little club, and anyone who dares call them out on their bullshit can be rendered as discriminatory or ‘transphobic’ to get what they want. I mean for fucks’ sake, they’ve even made Femboy into one of theser ‘slurs.’ This community will go out of its way to claim the entire bloody dictionary as a slur. Again, that’s not fighting for equality, that’s controlling others to give yourself all the benefits. I am friends with plenty of people that are all types of LGBT+. However, I nor anyone else can ignore the constant attention seeking and annoyance of the LGBT community. Whether they let Jessica Yaniv get away with misogyny, racism and pedophilia or allowing a Trans subcommunity to bully and torture crossdressers because they won’t “convert.” These communities are becoming the very Catholic Church they despise, but without a moral ground to look up to. It’s disgusting, it’s wrong and it needs to be reeled in so we don’t have a society where everyone tramples eachother for special rights. There is a very good reason to be sick and tired of the Trans community’s constant bitching that X Y Z is trans and throwing a fit over those who disagree.