Manga Spotlight: Kengan Ashura

The Illuminati? Fight Club? Waifus? What else do you need?

There’s something blissful about watching two men break each other apart in hand to hand carnage. Dragonball Z, One Punch Man, Yu Yu Hakusho, all great series with some fantastic exchanging of hands. But now, with its recent anime release on Netflix, I wanna talk to you about Kengan Ashura.

Kengan Ashura follows the story of Yamashita Kazuo, your typical salary man, and Tokita Ohma, an imposing street-fighting drifter. Their story takes place in the world of the Kengan Matches, underground brawls organized by the CEO’s of the worlds biggest companies. Ever wondered what it would be like if Disney and McDonalds hired gargantuan martial artists to settle disputes? Well look no further!

Yamashita Kazuo (Left) | Tokita Ohma (Right)

Kengan Ashura’s story takes place most of the time during a massive tournament between 20 of the worlds biggest companies at the behest of the Kengan Associations chairman in order to see who can replace him. The story is very straightforward at first but early on brings in a number of side plots and character spotlights, because that’s the most important part of the story, its characters. From world-class MMA fighters, to African Mercenaries, to an ancient assassin clan with selective breeding of the worlds greatest killers, the diversity of the stories characters makes the manga a very vibrant story. Each are written with tons of personality to set them apart, and even the villains have a deep charm and wit to them. The best thing is that despite being a simple concept, the story has a good habit of keeping you on your toes, with twists and match results that you’d never see coming. For a huge amount of my time reading it, I thought I had things figured out but would be surprised when the fighter I expected to win lost. That’s the key to Kengan Ashura, it’s a straightforward concept, but the execution is very polished. Rarely do you want to read a manga where you know how everything is going to turn out, so the surprising results to matches make you feel much more invested. This isn’t a battle manga where having a ton of heart and a good attitude wins you fights.

So if you want a well written battle manga with beautiful art and great characters, fighting that gets you hyped with each chapter, and also some top tier waifus, then I would highly recommend this manga. If you enjoy this manga then I also have good news! Kengan Ashura’s series is continued with the ongoing Kengan Omega! And if you want more waifus instead, please read the authors other work Danberu nan kilo moteru?