House of the Dead: A trip down Memory Lane

Remember the early 2000’s, when graphics were starting to improve day by day and arcades were a place you spent hours of your day at? If you do then you probably remember this gem called “The House Of The Dead”. If you’re anything like me, then you probably spent hours trying to beat this game, usually with a controller with a trigger that only worked half of the time, trying over and over again to win, until that faithful day that you finally won, well, that day for me was 11/11/19, the day I found out there was a PC version of it.  

A short recap of what this game is, in case you don’t already know, The House Of The Dead is a light gun shooter arcade game where you either play as “Thomas Rogan” or “G” and fight against zombies and the mad scientist “Roy Curien”, along side that’s it, that’s the entire plot, well besides the endings. After beating the game, the ending you get is dependent on your score, in what the developers call the “Normal Ending” Sophie, Rogan’s Fiance, is resurrected from the dead and turned into a zombie. In what the developers call the “True Ending”, Sophie survives her injuries which she received after being attacked by a giant robot zombie with a poleaxe (Yes i’m being serious) and leaves the mansion. And in the third and final ending it is unknown what has happened too her. 
So, down to the actual review, despite the horrendous voice acting and some graphics on the NPC’s bodies just being non-existent sometimes, I can say that I fairly enjoyed replaying this game, the bad graphics and comedically bad voice acting just added to the experience, although if you never played it when you were younger I can’t say you would think of it the same way. If you were already familiar with this game i’d recommend replaying it for nostalgic purposes, the game is easily accessible online. If you weren’t already aware of the game I still recommend playing it, you’ll certainly get a few laughs out of it.