Armored Core 4/Armored Core:For Answer. Two Overlooked Masterpieces

 “Hey. Guess there`s Little need for words…”

“Those slimy politicians and all their empty calls to arms. In the name of ‘liberty’…pfft. I`ll sink the lot of you to the bottom of the ocean!”

These two quotes here can be considered some of the most memorable quotes in this interesting dualogy of mech games, but why is that so? In itself you might wonder what is Armored core itself considering it`s one of Fromsoft forgotten series due to no Armored Core 6 in the horizon as of now.

Well I am not here to talk about the series itself today but about a dualogy which is considered by many to be of the best of the game series and this review will be itself about why it is.

Let`s start with the basics, how is Armored Core 4 and For Answer gameplay wise?

Well, the game is in itself a third person vehicular mech combat based videogame with a high amount of customization based around your own mech, all of these options have to deal directly with your performance and the game does allow you alot of interesting options and builds to customize your own mech without it being a hassle.

You can say that the game has a somewhat normal approach to how a mech game should control with it`s fast paced and combat heavy gameplay that puts the player on edge everytime they must fight and that they should always have quick reflexes in the battlefield, a simple mistake can mean alot when you want to S Rank all of the missions in the game as it is no easy task to do so.

Now, to the story shall we.

The story of both Armored Core 4 and For Answer are while easy to summarize, hard to explain quickly.

Now if I am allowed to go into spoiler territory it shall go like this.

The backstory of Armored Core 4 and For Answer respectively goes like this.

In the future as overpopulation became more of a problem and resources became more scarce the population began to riot against it`s governments. Turning into chaos and people having to turn over to corporations for safety.

And so the six biggest corporations of the world launched an war against the nations which became known as “National Dismantlement War”

The corporations destroyed most if not all competition with the help of the Armored Core technology (Mechs) and declared victory against nations in less than a month.

The new government system that was used after the war became known as Pax Economica (Economic Peace in a rough translation)

This system worked by colonies and people pledging loyalty and service towards the corporation but in an obviously ironic twist, these people became more like slaves towards the same corporations than they should have been.

And so comes The Player (Whose canon title is Anatolia`s mercenary) who must help the independent colony Anatolia economically by winning fights with your NEXT.

And then comes Armored Core For Answer which is set 10 years after 4 and deals with the world being on it`s last legs with pollution reaching critical levels and humanity having to live in the atmosphere in giant structures called Cradles.

Problem being that said pollution is also on it`s way to reach the atmosphere.

And so comes you, the man known as Strayed who must make a decision on how to deal with such dilemma and who will rise up in the end of it.

Not gonna spoil the plot as it is an important part of the experience but do know the game has 3 endings with each path having a different answer on what future does humanity end up in.


To the music.

The soundtrack in Armored Core 4 and For Answer is probably the most phenomenal soundtrack a mech game could have, it not only feels fitting for such a game but it also feels like it`d be part of the music of a movie or from an epic story, the soundtrack has many memorable tracks such as “Remember”, “Someone is always moving on the Surface”, “Scorcher”, “Precious Park”, “Cosmos” and “The Bloody Honey cannot stop” from Armored Core: For Answer while 4 has “Thinker”, “Agitator”, “Rain”, “Panther”, “Speed” and “Fall” all of them which compliment their respective appearences but also feel like the perfect music to accompany such moments.

And while the game does have some flaws such a hard to understand control scheme for beginners and a story that is vague at first until you replay it in hard mode (Hard mode is the canon story mode and it does change a few things plot wise which serve to make sense for the installment).

The game english voice cast is also of high quality with actors such as Liam O`brien, Kyle Herbert, Yuri Lowenthal, Brian Beacock, Quinton Flynn, Doug Erholtz, Troy Baker and just to name a few you might recognize.

The game japanese cast also has Junichi Suwanabe,Sho Hayami,Mitsuki Saiga and those are just of the few who went credited.

I can say that the dualogy of Armored Core 4 is a masterpiece that was sadly overlooked due to low sales numbers, niche genre and low reviews back in it`s day

All I really hope is that one day Fromsoft finally releases Armored Core 6 to consoles but as development was mentioned, well, we can expect it sooner.

Hope you liked the article and remember

“Deep sea fish loves forever”