Red Dead Redemption 2’s PC Port – New Launcher, New Problems

Red Dead Redemption 2’s PC port was just as rough and broken as we were all expecting it’d be. We all knew it’d be about as messy as an egirl’s bedroom at this point. As such a massive and absurdly well detailed game, there was no way in hell that this port was going to be smooth on its first day at all. What was unexpected, however, was that Rockstar’s new Rockstar Games Launcher was to blame for most of the issues, especially problems with launching and outright server crashes. Rockstar tried a patch recently on the first day, but there were still significant launch problems for some people after. I get that the Rockstar Games Launcher is relatively new, but at least pick another launcher to use on top of it if you’re going to promote your own. Uplay may be dogshit but it’s at least more functional than Rockstar’s. It’s yet another reason why we shouldn’t go around trusting new launchers.

   Some users on Reddit were saying that RDR2 works just fine in safe mode, but changing any setting results to you back to square one. Not only that but you also have to disable any and all antivirus programs just to play the game. Some PC players even had to change their bios or manually update windows, which I can’t imagine having to go through that much of a hassle to play one game (though let’s be honest, it’s Red Dead Redemption 2, I’d walk through hell to play that one). Obviously, this isn’t the first time a PC port has failed miserably. This is quite the common occurrence as a member of the PC master race, so I don’t think anyone should be surprised that they fucked up on a port of RDR2 of all games. However this is such an odd occurrence of fuckup that I don’t think anyone can help but to study it. Although Rockstar had a new launcher and RDR2 is a very difficult game to port, they definitely could’ve done a lot better job with it. At least release a beta first for a few people to find any major freezes.

   Right now, the game is in a much better state, given a few days. Everything seems pretty good and it doesn’t freeze up every 2 minutes. Other than that terrible launch day, it all seems pretty dandy as there weren’t many bugs outside the horrible amount of crashing and freezeups. The problem, though, lies within these new launchers that keep popping up.