Destiny 2: So Close to Glory

Destiny 2 is a game so close to glory it hurts, its shortcomings are only amplified by how close they are to being great.

Destiny 2 was released back in 2017 and has recently experienced massive changes after Bungie split from Activision, turning the game free and moving it onto steam. Which was a massive change that seemed to have panned out well for Bungie seeing that Destiny 2 has been on the top 3 games by player count on Steam since it was released onto Steam. So obviously Destiny 2 is now a success and very well received but that doesn’t stop it from having some major downfalls that cut just short of glory. 

Destiny 2 is a good game, the gun play is unrivaled and never gets old, the collection system is fun and addicting with hundreds of unique weapons which many games get wrong by providing you with the same 3 guns with different rarities and we can’t talk about Destiny without mentioning the visuals. There is not another game on this planet that can rival Destiny 2’s details and world design. They have mastered grand scale structures that you feel like you could hang posters of around your room, the game looks stellar in every way. 

I’m guilty of spending far too much money on this game just for the actual content but with the change in price you get quite a bit of content for free and once you finish the main campaign you can move on to the DLCs which would usually cost you $60 for both Shadowkeep and Forsaken. Both these DLCs provide story missions, one of which will give you nightmares. But it is becoming more and more clear that people don’t come to destiny for an enriching and engaging story, they come for the gameplay of destiny which they in all honesty nailed. 

Tho Destiny 2 has a second big selling point and that is the world they have created, these vast beautiful and unique worlds that are stuffed with content… all of which is the same. These worlds are fun to explore and search every inch of it for new content but you will often be disappointed. If it isn’t during a mission exploring freely will seldom find you something new, maybe a region chest or a copy paste enemy with a different name. Despite Destiny 2’s worlds feeling full of action and narrative it gets boring, you quickly find out that exploration rarely benefits you, the world feels empty and disappointing.

People don’t like being told what to do and Destiny 2 occasionally recognizes this by sometimes leaving things to your own interpretation to complete the level but Destiny 2 somehow did this wrong in very obscure ways. When things seem to be the most obvious you will be told exactly what to do while other times nothing will be clear at all and you will be provided no instructions at all. I don’t want my hand to be held but aimlessly shuffling through the endless quest tab for something I may have missed isn’t enjoyable.

Many aspects of Destiny 2 are disappointing and it hurts just a bit more knowing that with the smallest of changes this game could have been on another level. Destiny is a fun game and provides a fun grind that doesn’t feel excessive despite trying to bullshit reasons for grinding with “Story”. The visuals are unrivaled without a doubt and the gunplay is fantastic but Destiny 2 doesn’t have enough of a story to warrant the purchase of either of the DLCs. Play the game free and if you really want more content wait for the DLCs to go on sale.

Destiny 2 – 8/10