Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Review: Of Masks and Mysteries

   There is rarely a game that surpasses most if not all expectations. After the release of Ocarina of Time, the standards for Zelda games have never been raised higher. The game had shattered ground for RPGs of the like. Especially on the Nintendo 64. Nevertheless, Majora’s Mask is considered by many to be the best Zelda game, to which I definitely lean towards that myself. The enhanced re-release on the 3DS is fantastic, even after my 20th playthrough of the game in general. While Ocarina of Time is a great Zelda game, the technological achievements, dungeons and masks are what make me prefer this much more, especially since it builds on the mechanics of Ocarina of Time. So it’s time to look at why by looking over the graphics/sound, controls and the story.

   To start off, the graphics are definitely an upgrade. While I do think the older textures feel more gritty and even homey, the updated ones definitely feel shinier and more detailed. I do feel though that it takes the dark element out of the game at times. It looks wonderful regardless, especially experiencing the same places in different times of day. The remade soundtrack here also sounds wonderful and compliments the new graphics very nicely. That’s pretty much all there is to say about the graphics to be honest.

   The controls are, as ever, a delight. Each mask feels much better than the original game however. Goron feels weightier, Zora feels faster, Deku feels more versatile, everything feels properly balanced and it feels great. The movement feels great as ever too, and sometimes even better actually. Something about a more consistent fps makes moving feel smoother and feel even better in my opinion. The combat is like any other Zelda game but it’s still great to play through. The dungeons are all great (except the fucking water one as always).

   The last thing to talk about is the Story. Essentially a dumb tree kid steals a demonic-posessed mask from a mask vendor. You as Link comes across him and he takes your ocarina and sends him to a different world where a giant moon is going to crash it in three days. You have to figure out how to save the world and get back to your own. It’s a bit of a basic story but a great continuation from Ocarina of Time and the simplicity of the story is overall fun as hell.

   There isn’t too much to say about a remake of an already well beloved and fantastic game. It still stands to this day as one of the best Zelda games and the 3DS remake gives it a fresh coat of paint. I give this game a 9.5. Definitely check it out if you have a 3DS.

(Expect a more in depth review of this game in the near future.)