Fallout 1st: Bethesda Won’t Stop ruining everything

It’s that time of year again! The time when every videogame company and their mother makes a big race to see which one makes their PR team suffer the most! What a wonderful time, last year we had Blizzard with its announcement of Diablo Immortal, a phone app, as they tried to make a big welcoming of it in front of a fully PC game audience but Bethesda had a better idea, and they went full steam ahead, no breaks on the fucker and smashed in with Fallout 76, a game so bad that the base game was unplayable even when it was working properly.

   Within less than a year, Fallout 76 has made every single blunder a videogame and videogame company could make. A day 1 patch of over 50 gb that still didn’t fix much of the game at all, the game filled to the brim with gamebreaking and even console-breaking bugs, an advertised Canvas bag but the bag itself was a cheap nylon in the collector’s edition, doxxing players for requesting the new nylon bags, banning random players for accusations of exploits and letting the real exploiters get away, an open dev room with items that were even from the store to be sold in a black market on reddit, disabling refunds, locking their own threads for critique, Y2King their own Nuke system, updating their game that brought previously fixed bugs back, selling a shitty Nuka Cola Dark bottle that was plastic and a real bottle was inside of it, selling pay-2-win microtransactions, and their $150 helmets that came with the collector’s edition getting recalled due to dangerous levels of mold growing in them.

   That being said, Fallout 76 has had quite the rough year, but by God are they not done exploiting their playerbase of two people for every cent they have. Let us introduce to you, Fallout 1st, a subscription service of $12 a month or $100 per year to get unlimited storage space, being able to place fast travel points, being abel to receive $15 worth of atoms a month, and the NCR Ranger Armor Outfit. It’s interesting how they only notice anything from Fallout New Vegas when they can put a price tag on it (ngl though, it looks pretty great, can’t wait to get a mod for it in Fallout 4). Within just minutes, everyone was quick to laugh at how ridiculous the idea was. Days after the launch though, it was only going to get funnier.

   Private worlds weren’t private at all as they were spawning with looted containers and dead NPCs. They were simply existing game instances getting retooled as “new worlds”. The scrap box with infinite space kept deleting players’ scrap. It’s gotten so bad that even players were heading ingame to protest and someone even managed to edit the announcement in its own website to make fun of it. It’s honestly the funniest fucking thing I’ve read all day. I recommend reading it here: https://twitter.com/JezCorden/status/1187307703804321792, the Sex Tent part killed me.

   So Fallout 76 has once again thrown Bethesda’s PR team under the fucking bus. It seems like a last hurrah before the game’s servers get inevitably nuked, but something tells me this is only just the beginning of an endless torment until the last two people playing Fallout 76 find the exit button.