Senran Kagura Estival Versus: A Summer Paradise

     If there’s one thing that any player loves, it’s big anime tiddies, wet big anime tiddies and shinobi girls with wet big anime tiddies. This game is the walking definition of Ecchi and I absolutely love it. Senran Kagura Estival Versus is a dynasty PVE game with some PVP features added in for up to 10 players. There’s a few difficulty roadblocks here and there, but after a bit of grinding it turns out fine. The music is an absolute joy to listen to. Think of DBFZ and Jpop had a wonderful dinner together, that’s the kind of music you’re strapping in for and it fits wonderfully with the game. The graphics, while it’s nowhere near the beauty of Arc Studios’ games with the authentic anime FPS, are still amazing. The lighting gives off such a warm and lively tone and it’s great. The roster of characters is also as big as most of their big anime tiddies. Lots of… content to have here if you know what I’m saying. Their story is described as follows:

“  The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and so it is with the lives of young shinobi. Death comes swiftly — for the lucky ones — and for those still living, grief is a constant companion. Ry?bi and Ry?na, two shinobi sisters of the Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy elite, know that truth all too well, and they mourn their beloved elder sister every day.

   But when a mystical phenomenon appears, drawing the shinobi world’s finest young ladies into a parallel dimension, everything they know about life and death turns upside down. Taken to a strange world resembling a warm summer island, the girls find themselves face to face with their departed loved ones.

   The island’s mysterious mistresses challenge the girls, who hail from four different rival schools, to a contest of strength and wits. The winning school, so they promise, will not only learn the highest secrets of shinobi lore, but will also have the honor of laying their loved ones’ souls to rest. The buxom beauties prepare for a new kind of battle, facing not only their rivals, but questions galore. Can the islands’ hosts be trusted? Will the other schools play fair, team up, or cheat? Will there be time to enjoy the beach before the fighting starts? Will anyone manage to keep their clothes intact? And…if they do win, can they bear to part from their loved ones a second time?  ”

Essentially Ryobi and Ryona, grieving for their beloved elder sister, come across a mystical phenomenon that takes the finest warriors into a parallel dimension to… a warm summer island to play games and beat the shit out of eachother. Winners of these challenges are granted to learn the highest secrets of the shinobi lore and lay their loved ones’ souls to rest. The story is all sorts of zany but it also has some very touching moments. The best touchy moments are when I get to touch any of these gals’ breasts in my fantasies, especially Katsuragi.

In case you can’t tell, this game is literally filled to the brim with fan service. And where there’s even a slight bit of fan service, blue checkmarks on twitter have to complain about it and, more importantly, Sony seeks to censor it. Senran Kagura Burst was force to remove its Intimacy Mode by order of Sony. The mode has always been a staple of the Senran Kagura franchise. But because it involves women showing skin, Sony decides to have the devs remove it. While it’s not the exact game being reviewed, it still spells trouble for the future of the franchise.“XSeed Games announced that Sony has prohibited them from releasing Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal on the PS4 with the Intimacy Mode, which has been a staple feature in many of the previous Senran Kagura games. XSeed Games made the announcement via a post on Twitter on October 12th, 2018: ‘The release of Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal will be slightly delayed as we remaster to remove the interactive “Intimacy Mode” from the PS4 version. The Steam version will release with that mode intact and will launch simultaneously with PS4. We are looking forward to sharing the release date shortly and appreciate your patience’” (Billy 1).

So the Intimacy Mode has been removed from a Senran game such as Burst Re: Newal. Fortunately, however, Estival Versus has not been effected by censorship whatsoever. Yet it’s still something to consider that Sony can and will censor future installments if they want to.

   So now that I’ve covered everything I should. Some cool modes, huge roster, great graphics, amazing soundtrack and LOTS of mods. Overall I give this game Oppai/10.