Astral Chain: Smearing from Sony Fans, Anti-Police and Game Bloggers

     One day, an entire mob responds to a horrid shooting simply to push their agenda. Their message? No citizen needs guns, and our trust should be placed entirely in our police force. Two days later? The exact same people are calling the police force racist, brutal and awful people. In videogames this addictive hatred of police forces is even more entertaining. Overwatch’s Brigitte Riot skin set off an entire fanbase into a raging warfare. How dare Brigitte, a hero with a giant baton-looking mace and large shield whose entire personality is about protecting and shielding, get a police skin?! How dare Blizzard make something fun! So now we come across more agenda-pushers of neolibs, those desperate for more power of the government, are now hating on the police again, this time it’s a game entirely about Police. Astral Chain had to go through

   So a game about hot waifu/husbando police with giant mechs that are chained to them is, believe it or not, quite a fun and endearing game (which I’ll get to in a full review). However, because this Japanese game is not a commentary on police brutality and social issues in America, a game being excellent is not enough for whiny leftists as they try to smear the game for it’s horrid crimes of not catering to the American justice system’s flaws. However, this is just a few dumb tweets so it’s nothing too cringey.

   So it’s just those dumb tweets, right? Nope. On day one, Astral Chain was review bombed on meta critic by the Sony community. They’re pissed that the game wasn’t on the PlayStation 4, despite that it’s not the game’s fault and Nintendo is in charge when it comes to this sort of thing. This got to the point where Platinum director Hideki Kamiya told Sony fans “I’m just a developer. Why don’t you ask my publisher and investor Nintendo?” when in response to the question. The game has since then boosted in reviews from those who actually played the game, except for Game Bloggers.

   I refuse to call these people proper Game Journalists due to their heavy misunderstanding and glaring incompetency. From failing to get past the tutorial in CupHead to being incredibly homophobic when reviewing Catherine, many of these Bloggers are complete idiots and should be regarded as such. Another case of this struck when a review for Astral Chain came up on The Independent, saying it was “the worst action game on Nintendo Switch.” However, when looking at what they’ve said in the blog itself, many glaring issues stick out, almost as if they haven’t played the game at all. Mitch van de Vorst pointed out that the review is factually incorrect as the reviewer said the combat has no ranking system, despite that it obviously have one. However, it was discussed that playing below Normal doesn’t give you a rank. So it was obvious the blogger was playing it on the easiest difficulty, no wonder he found it boring! And they also stated that the Legion does all the heavy lifting, so they haven’t even learned to control the Legion properly at all, so they couldn’t have played the game for more than 10 minutes! It’s articles like this that truly make one question the entirety of Game ‘Journalism’ as an industry. At it’s best, it’s people like Jason Schreier in the frey, interviewing troubled Blizzard employees as the company moves on without them, and at it’s worst, it’s an utter fucking cesspool of diabolical and “anti triggering” articles made by and for manchildren who have never picked up a game in their life.

   So those are the three sides that were apposing Astral Chain. So far, fortunately, the game has been doing incredibly well as piles of fanart have appeared on Twitter, loads of fans and reviewers have also gushed about their love of the game in droves. So it overcame the sea of ignorance, finally. Hopefully more games can have an easier time against these cancerous armies, eventually leading to a more prosperous and unique gaming environment once more.