Reggie on Earthbound

   Reggie retired in the best way possible, to be honest. Handing over the power to a candidate he deemed the most worthy, he left the company with no drama or hard feelings. Just bittersweet tears and heartwarming smiles. However, he is not done talking about the company he has dedicated a chunk of his life to. In a recent lecture at Cornell University, he talked about many amusing facts in his career. Such as the Wii U is considered a “failure forward” (which it is, to be honest, it was like the link between the Wii and the Switch). However, one question that was asked was about the long-awaited Mother 3, the sequel to Mother 2 (aka EarthBound), which had never had an official release in the west. It’s become a Half-Life 3-esq meme where everywhere he goes, he’s asked about Mother 2’s west release or Mother 3’s release or even when a new Metroid game will be released. His reaction was as follows “[crowd laughter and applause when the question is dropped], I actually thought I could make it through a presentation and

and not be asked about Mother 3. All my answers are out there, I mean look, I love Earthbound, but – luckily for me – this is a decision I’m no longer apart of *crowd applause*.” Essentially, Reggie is glad that he no longer has the responsibility that is Mother 3.