Final Fantasy 7 is Another Victim of Fans “fixing” Designs in Photoshop

The funniest thing to see on Twitter nowadays is how desperate fans can be of shoving their headcanons in people’s faces, especially if they feel the need to change a design that’s already been made. First you had triggered Tumblrites that got offended over a Persona 5 character wearing a leotard, showing her thighs and wearing high heels to go with it. People got offended over gym clothes, ladies and gentlemen. That’s just the world we live in right now. So now these same people seem to be offended over a face that’s a tad bit too long. Aerith from the Final Fantasy VII remake has been photoshopped to be “fixed” and, well, it’s simply uncanny and weird because of the lack of caring. Ever since the bunch of triggered 14 year olds announced how much they think they’re better than an entire CGI pipeline of hardworking people who spent hundreds of hours perfecting Aerith’s look in the game. But of course, these children are always right! Children who probably aren’t even interested in buying the damn game at this point, because they’ve spent so much on Photoshop to “fix” everything prove how much better they are than rigging, modeling, rendering and composition professionals. Now I may seem hypocritical for cheering on any and all Sonic redesigns from the Sonic Movie, but there is a bold line between not fixing something that’s not broken and the spawn of Satan appearing on my Youtube feed. The problem was, not a soul expected Paramount to actually listen to the fanbase. We’re so accustomed to them telling us to fuck off that raging was the only thing we could do, and it somehow worked. Same with Sony bending the knee and censoring everything, as well as Rian Johnson’s entire Star Wars trilogy being cancelled within a week of its announcement. So Square Enix might go back and “fix” Arith’s face for all we know, a slight jaw adjust and eye-widening. To be honest, I’m quite terrified if more companies decide to bend the knee to people who will never be satisfied