Cyberpunk 2077: Representation is now Offensive

     We regret to inform you that, a few days ago, the Censorship Police AKA a bunch of 14 year olds who have dedicated to waste their lives complaining about every form of media, have now decided that any and all transgender representation is now in favor of the newly coined term, “cis-gaze”. So which is it then? Transgender representation or no transgender representation? Incase you’ve lived under a rock, Cyberpunk 2077 is a brand new game from CD Project Red, the same devs that have made the beloved Witcher series. Recently they’ve been under fire for making an ingame advertisement for a soda. The advertisement consists of some hot lady in a onepiece drinking a soda, the larger feature is that she has a massive boner and the onepiece is clearly not doing much to hide the damn thing.

We will be looking at a series of posts from triggered white privileged men/women pretending to be interesting by calling out companies that actually give into their desires of representation. These tweets are specifically from Ana Valens in her long tirade thread on why we can’t have transgender representation even if they need it in the exact same sentence.

   Ana Valens, a white privileged trans who gets paid to scream at people like a child, recently tweeted out in response to an ad in Cyberpunk 2077. Here’s what they said in full “Some gamer: “THE CYBERPUNK JOKE ISN’T DISRESPECTFUL DON’T YOU WANT TO NORMALIZE GIRLDICK?” Me, realizing I now have to explain the nuances of fetishization and the cis gaze today: [insert picture of an anime girl with multiple empty shots and drinking another shot]”. So Valens here doesn’t want “girldick” normalized because it appeals to “cis gaze.” But shouldn’t we appeal to “cis gaze” to normalize transgender even if it’s a tad bit sexualized? Isn’t the goal of pride parades, conventions, constant advertisement and the entirety of Pride Month supposed to normalize transgender or LGBT sexualization? How is it not, all of the sudden? How does normalizing it make it offensive now? Is it because a game you don’t like did it because CDPR made a dumb joke years ago? Fortunately this tweet has only made about 5,000 likes, the usual sheep-infested tweets of cloutrage culture is filled to the brim with 10k-20k likes. The point of it is that many people, especially the top comments, are calling out on Ana’s bullshit rather than becoming straight-up yes-stans.

     Ana Valens has continued on a rather long tirade of contradictions and projecting their own insecurities for everyone else to tolerate. Another tweet showcases their sheer stupidity after it was explained. “ ‘I didn’t slap the penis on there for people to laugh about it. There is a beautiful body in there being used to sell soda’ Your intention =/= your art’s messages. Many artists have good intentions that are polluted by internalized transphobia. This is why we have sensitivity readers” Ana explains how the artist who made the ingame advertisement meant it as a transgender person being used by the corporation and, thus, sort of normalizing transgender people. As you can see, Ana Valens is purposefully misinterpreting the artists’ intentions because of “internalized transphobia” which means that, if a person disagrees with your opinion but you’re also that type of person, you can put a target on them via saying “internalized something-somethingphobia” to make more of an ass of yourself, but you get that sweet, sweet victory of an argument. Because, to you, that means that any facts, logic, reasonability or rational thought sent to you is now instantly blocked because you anointed yourself as the most trans person around. Also sensitivity readers is a bullshit term because anybody can make up how they’re offended, much like how you’re offended with transgender people being represented in AAA videogames.

   It gets even better. In response of one of the commentors, Ana decides to bully about how they follow and retweet Dimitri Monroe, a fellow game reviewer and commentator. Ana in their complete insecurity decided to censor Dimitri Monroe’s name: “You unironicallu retweet Dm*tr* M*nr*e so this sounds like a yikes from me.” It clearly shows how much of a coward Ana really is. Why would you try to roast them if you didn’t want to bring Dimitri into this? You realize other people will not only laugh at you but tweet him too, right? Dimitri Monroe makes no hesitation to rip into Ana as soon as Ana decides to keep goading him further. Then the hypocrisy bomb drops. And boy (or nongender-specific comment that adds to the sentence because I heard saying “boy” apparently murders people) does it drop hard. One of Ana’s tweets recently reads: “Proud to announce I’ve been rated – quote- ‘one of the hottest sluts in journalism (Source: Me, I am said slut).” along with Ana showing off their tiddies. So you use the exact same tactic you bashed Cyberpunk 2077 by showing off your stuff as a trans, even though you claim that it’s supposed to be transphobic because it promotes something as an advertisement. Also Ana posted this on their public twitter, where it’s supposedly filled to the brim of the “male gaze” they so despise, you do realize that, according to you, you are killing trans more than this company can ever hope to themselves, right? What’s even funnier is that this post was more recent than Ana’s rant. I hope you’re reading this in Adum from YMS’s agitated monotone voice because that’s how I’m typing it.

     It’s what happens when you join the high ranks of the LGBT Community, they force you to become a speaking piece on their behalf, and any who is actually a gay, bi, trans or a lesbian disagrees with your opinion, you magically have every right to consider them not part of your tribe. This is the Alt Left, a complete tribalistic take on pseudo-politics in attempts to control and take territory. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with being LGBT or even part of the honest side of its community, but the community is being used by actual large corporations and black suits to spout their agenda and take territory rather than actually spreading love and acceptance. This doesn’t even seem like an LGBT community at all, especially if it also comprises of straight white predetorial males. And that’s because it isn’t, this is the Alt Left Community. A community that keeps a constant divide. I plan on writing another article that delves much deeper into their mindset.

     The basics is this: They seek to put down any company that they don’t like who is adding things like woman equality and transgender representation. The goal is to keep the divide until the people they like continue to do so. This is why there is so much outrage against Alita Battle Angel having a strong female protagonist, who has an interesting character but is ultimately put down because she has small boobies and it was therefore “pedophilia,” but a large applause for Captain Marvel who could be replaced by an invincible brick and it’d be more interesting. It sounds like a ridiculous conspiracy until you see the constant concurrent repeating pattern of the Alt Left: hate on companies that under dress a character, a company they don’t like makes a move that adds in an interesting over-dressed character, the rage ensues. This is why someone like Ana Valens hates on companies for promoting trans and doing the exact same themselves, it’s a vicious cycle that will continue to happen until it doesn’t farm clout or their fans grow a brain and call them out on their shit. It’s a very interesting but horrid mix pf cloutrage, cancel-culture and the tribal mentality of brand-marketing all mixed in a blender that has been 3D-printed of literal cancer cells.