Of Twitch Cosplays and unfair Terms of Service

   A few months back, a Streamer by the name of Quqco recently got suspended from Twitch for wearing a cosplay of Chun Li. This sparked an outrage in her own community but soon the news spread like a Californian wildfire throughout the internet. Twitch has been known for their absurd hypocrisy and they’re very inconsistent with their Terms of Service. For example, you may recall that Alinity threw her cat across the room and even forced it to drink vodka. She was never punished once on Twitter or Twitch. A Chun Li cosplay? Suspended. Why is Twitch so inconsistent with their terms of service? Why does it even exist if they’re just making up the rules as they go? It’s a mystery indeed, Ninja leaving for Mixer seems to be a better decision with every day as Twitch conjures up more and more bullshit. Almost as if they’ve got a fetish for bad press.

   The true answer is, whoever makes the most money and whatever makes them the most ‘Woke’ is how they decide who gets the chopping block and who doesn’t. The reason? More of an audience. The LGBT Community Core (not to be confused with people who are just LGBT, mind you) and Altleft drones will buy whatever product seems to have the ‘Woke’ appeal. Male streams in the bathroom? Ban. Woman abuses dog? Totally fine! Woman cosplays? Cultural Appropriation! Ban! But she’s Asian? Well all Japanese are pedos! Ban! Meanwhile we get to stream Porn on Fortnite where most kids are watching! That’s not child grooming at all! You see why the Twitch ToS has come under fire with criticism? It is so clear that Twitch doesn’t give a shit at all. I mean they look like they’re a bunch of 40 year old moms that don’t know how “Coding the Computer Thingy” works. I mean for Christ’s sake, they banned a streamer after he was carjacked and fucking shot on stream. They banned him for a crime that happened to him. Do you see why people are moving to Mixer?

   Overall, Twitch has had a very inconsistent and, frankly, bullshit history of abusing their Banning sprees to ban random people. Quqco is obviously not the first, but will not be the last of this example of this. There are constant jokes of “Maybe show your vagina, you’ll get back on stream!” or “Show your tits next time, you come back a day later” and even my own Editor claims that if you sleep with the entire Twitch HQ and suck Jeff Bezos’ dick, you not only get your account back but you get it verified automatically if it wasn’t before. While these are just jokes, it seems that there’s a bit of a dark truth to it. Infact a streamer by the name of 39daph accidentally showed a drawing with boobs on it, she quickly pulled up the face of Alinity to avoid being autobanned. Sure, this was a joke, but there’s an honesty to it that if you aren’t a Woman that makes big money for Twitch, they will fuck you up. Even if you do make money for twitch but aren’t a woman, you are still able to be banned for seemingly random shit. Dr. Disrespect is one of those cases as he was banned live at E3 for edgy jokes; just for being his usual character.

   This “suck Jeff Bezos’ dick, then show your tits and you’ll get your account back” mentality is a reality on Twitch. It seems to be creating an unironic sexism (not to be confused with “I disagree with your opinion, therefore you are sexist” kind of ‘sexism’) in the community to drive it further apart. Now that rich women are absurdly privileged on the platform, there’s a further disconnect with its audiences. Authenticity isn’t allowed unless it involves breastfeeding. Genuine interaction isn’t allowed unless they’re showing their tits. Now there’s nothing wrong with busty women in skimpy clothing talking to their audience. I’m all for it, but when it’s this inconsistent where pornography is allowed but a cosplay isn’t, that’s where it becomes bullshit.