A short Kingdom Hearts review

Kingdom Hearts is one of the best games I’ve played all year. Despite my gripes with the controls, it’s an absolute blast to play through. The story is confusing, convoluted yet charming, the controls can be clunky at times but still lets the experience flow naturally and the graphics are a stunning revival.

   The controls are my only main gripe in the game. The gameplay is fine in general but it’s controls can be pretty gimmicky and buggy. For example, there’s  big where if you jump off a ledge, you can continue your jump indefinitely if you keep swinging your Keyblade. It’s nothing broken or horrible, but it can get pretty bothersome at times. Regardless it doesn’t effect the game too much with the overall experience despite it being buggy. I mean, it’s a revival of a late PS2 game so you can’t really expect it not to be buggy.

For graphics, the HD version’s graphics are phenomenal. The cutscenes are dropdead gorgeous and the game itself is really lovely in terms of looks. The textures are really nice and compliment the new models pretty well. The Disney characters were also pretty well done ingame and they look pretty faithful to the original. One thing I couldn’t get over was how big their feet all were. Like by god, I don’t think I remember Sora coming out of a macrophilia fanfic.

The story is allover the place and I love it. It’s so nonsensical but it has a charm and whismy to the whole thing. Having anime characters and Disney characters interact is still so surreal even to this day. There’s even some pretty hilarious parts like Riku and Sora are fighting over Kairi. Then Riku destroys an entire island because he got bored of waiting for Sora to get on the raft with him and Kairi. Then Kairi gets yeeted into another dimension and Sora gets the keyblade literally because Riku couldn’t keep it in his pants. Speaking of pants, the scene where Goofy and Donald railing Kai- I’m kidding, enough of the fanfics. There’s a lot of fun moments with Disney characters interacting with eachother and the different anime characters.

   Kingdom Hearts 1 HD is a clunky yet such a lovely and charming game that I can’t help but love it to death. If you have a PS4 I highly recommend getting this game and experiencing it yourself. The graphics are wonderful, the gameplay is overall great albeit some clunky controls and the story is a blast despite making absolutely no sense.